Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 6 Months, My Little Pumpkin!!!

Happy 6th!

I'm half way to 1! I sit up so well by myself!
Loving peek-a-boo!

Loving my feet, and becoming quite flexible too!

Today, the little pumpkin is 6 Months. She has a check-up Friday, and hopefully, rain pending, a
mini photo shoot on Thursday with Auntie Rachael, and a play date with my cousins!

"They say it's your half-birthday...!"

So happy to be 6 Months old today!

Happy to have some straw to eat. "Nikolina don't put that in your mouth, Yucky!"

You can't barely see him here in the photo but we have a scarecrow on the porch. I've named him "Jeff" for the time being, till I think of something better. I'll have to take some photos of the whole porch, so you can see our "Spooky" porch. The last couple days, it's been crazy windy and stormy, so I had to bring the Halloween decs back inside. The other night, I brought Jeff in before I went to bed. In the morning, I was walking into the kitchen with Nikolina and as we walked by him, she started staring at him, and could not take her eyes off of him, as we walked past! I turned around and walked towards him so she could see him. It was hilarious, she thought he was a person! She couldn't figure out why he wasn't talking to her! When I finally moved his hand and talked to her as though he was a real person, she finally backed off, and seemed to accept that he was "okay" in her eyes now. It was fantastic! I must admit, I kind of forgot he was inside as well, and in the morning, when I went to the kitchen, I about jumped out of my socks, thinking he was a real person!

We had to spray the pumpkins and the Gourds this year, so I can't let Nikolina touch them. It makes me sad, but its better than buying brand new pumpkins and gourds. We used this spray that tastes really bitter/foul tasting, Josh tested it on diesel and he wouldn't get near them. Every year we have these crazy fat squirrels that eat all our Halloween decs! Each day I would come home from work, and they would've run off with another gourd or a part of our pumpkins. It's crazy! I can't house squirrels! It's like squirrel central at our house. We have one of those trees with the seeds that spiral off like little boomerangs, and they go crazy for them. Our next door neighbor has some kind of nut tree, so these squirrels are always running to our neighbors house, stealing nuts, then running back across our yard. They chase each other across the roof in the mornings, and make little chirpy noises in the trees at each other, and at diez.

Last year, Josh had stopped at a Market on the way home from a business trip and bought a box full of peaches. He set them on the porch railing to finish ripening, and each day he'd check them to see if they were ripe. He kept saying to me, "Those are good peaches, Huh?" and I kept just nodding and saying "Umm Hmm, " thinking 'Wow, he's really proud of those peaches.' Then about a week goes by and there is only a couple peaches left in the box, and he says, "You really went to town on those Peaches, Huh?" And, I said, "What are you talking about, I haven't had any." And, he said, "Well if you didn't have any, and I only had a couple, what happened to all of them?" The next day, we were leaving and as we opened the door, well, we must have startled him, b/c a squirrel jumped, I should say, flew, off the porch, and took off running/bounding away, and in his mouth...was a half-eaten peach! We pretty much figured it out after that. We took turns on squirrel patrol.
On another note about "Jeff." I brought him in last night again, and I was blogging, and it was pretty late at night, and the baby was asleep in her room with her sound lamb, and I was listening to it on the monitor, and Josh was asleep in our bedroom. All of a sudden I hear a noise, and I thought what is that? Josh has some weird ring tones/noises on his Blackberry, and he is always changing them, and my on my Q just re-programmed itself, so I thought, is that my phone or Josh's phone? Then I thought, is that Nik's sound machine? Then, I realized that it must just be a very noisy cricket outside. I listened again and realized that the noise was not coming from outside, but inside the house! There was a cricket hiding somewhere in Jeff!!! I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to go move it, and have the thing fly at me. So, I tried sneaking over there to see if I could see it, but I couldn't. So, I'm a big baby, and just left it there. So, all night, we had a cricket chirping in our house!
Dinner. I had some chicken that I had to use, so I used Josh's pizza recipe and made a pizza for dinner.

The finished product.

Nik loving her carrots and her Daddy!

Happy 6 Month!

"A Pumpkin Patching we will go..."

Pics coming soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Where'd you go???

Sometimes, I wonder what Nikolina thinks when I drop her off at daycare to go to work. Mondays are usually the worst, unbearable is probably the word. Does she think, "hey, where are you going, why are you leaving me, I thought we had a good time over the weekend?" Does she keep thinking any minute I will come back around the corner and smother her in kisses, blow raspberries, and make silly faces at her? Do the hours just drag on for her, waiting, expecting me? I know they do for me. Every moment I wish that I could be with her. I'd give anything to be with her. I tell Josh all the time that I wish we lived in a little one room apartment, or flat and shared my little Corolla, if it meant that I could be with her. To me, that is where I would be, if it means staying home with nik. If it means she gets that many more hugs, kisses, smiles, funny faces. One more shriek of happiness, one more squeal of delight. If it means she learns that much more, makes one more small developmental move, has one more glimpse of family, one more taste of life that I would show to her. One more "I Love You, one more touch, one more step to happiness and fulfillment. One more chance to grow as family.

I talked with someone today, whose husband stays at home, and she goes to work. they chose that path. I thought that was wonderful, and really great for them, and I was glad that their path worked well for their family. I told her I think it's great that her children are with their dad. I found her inspiring that she chose that path, sought that path, and I admire her desire to succeed for her family.

When I was little, I used to play "corporation" and I was the owner and manager of a large corporation. There were many other things I played:restaurant, hotel, shop owner, school, lawyer to name a few. But, I always thought that I would own my own company and be the "boss." Along the way, I made some choices that steered me down another path. But, I think I always aspired to be great. To make a name for myself. I enjoy work, and receive satisfaction from a good days work, and bringing home a paycheck. I enjoy working with colleagues, and interacting with customers. I have even introduced a proposal for a program for 'new and expecting mothers' to help guide them through pregnancy in the workplace and life as a working, 'pumping' mother. And, I have been allowed to put together a program to educate new and expecting mothers. This has given me some purpose in my current career, outside of working to help support my family. But, at the end of the day, what I aspire to be, to truly be, is a MOM. The absolute Best Mom I can be. A wholly, completely, fully, devoted Mom. I don't want to be a split-mom. I don't want to give half of myself to my career and half to my daughter. I want to give all of myself to one thing, and that to me, is being a Mom.

To me, nothing could be better, or more pure, more simple, more natural than a MOM.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

It promised to be a beautiful day...So, off we go to the Pumpkin Patch. Josh and I got ready, we got the pumpkin all ready to go (getting all of us ready takes a lot these days), and we start to head out the door and all of a sudden, it's POURING DOWN RAIN, and this huge storm front has moved in! Where did this storm come from? What the Heck! I'm been waiting for a month for this. Ugh! Even if it let up, which it doesn't look like it will, there will be mud everywhere! Wishing now, we could've gone earlier. Poop on you rain, pooey on you!

Dance Revolution

Have you seen the dancing baby on You Tube, dancing to Beyoncee. Oh my goodness! What a sweetie! Simply adorable.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Blogging. Doing my homework for SITS. Came across http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/%20Insanely wishing we could snag some of these adorable outfits for the pumpkin! And those bows! Those Southern Ladies. At my house, I put them on Nik, and the hubby takes them off! I could only wish for bows so big!! Adorable!

One of my favorite sites: http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/ (I always meant to post about it, but I fet like I could never begin to know how too) It is not my story. It is theirs. I was just blessed enough to be able to touched and moved by it. Found it shortly after the pumpkin was born, while I was BLISSFULLY at HOME. The pumpkin was down for a nap (these were the 4 Hour Nap days), and I discovered their journey, and began reading and couldn't stop. I was sitting there balling my eyes out. If anyone had come in they would think I was having a breakdown or something. I immediately sent the link to Josh (my hubby). When he got home I asked him if he had received it, and he had, but hadn't looked into it. I pulled it up and read to him several blogs and explained the whole story to him. And, I am crying as I am reading it to him. And we are just astonished at this beautiful family and their journey. And their unwavering faith in the Lord. Simply amazing. A few of my fav blogs: the day Audrey was born (April 7, 2008), after her passing (same), Angie's letter to Audrey(April 11, 2008), when Angie and Todd first discovered the challenges they would be given with Audrey(January 12, 2008-introduction blog), the story about Audrey's bunny with the mark on her heart (same), and Audrey's Cherry Blossom Tree blog (Tuesday April 7, 2009-oh my god, I was near hyperventalation). Come on, how much can one person's heart endure? In the Introduction blog, I am still haunted by the words Angie speaks after hearing of Caroline's fate, "I think that my Jesus is the same as He was before I walked into this room." And again, "He's no different, it's okay, He's no different..."

On Kelly's website, she featured the song Angie and Todd wrote for (and sing?) for Caroline
http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/search?updated-max=2009-08-19T16%3A31%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=8 You have to scroll down a little to find it. I had never heard this, and I there I was crying again. To hear their story, see their story, every time, I am brought back to the same place. Each time, it affects me as if it were the first. I can't help but think of my little pumpkin and my abundant love for her. It makes the heart HEAVY to hear their story and listen to them (there is also a interview with them explaining their journey). It is a beautiful story. Uplifting, life altering, miraculous, and yet so heavy, so very, very heavy. How amazing they are, and that God chose them to tell this story. I had to share.

Obsession, Awe...

It's 2 am and I have been searching blogs for quite some time now. Lately, I have been obsessed with searching for blogs-for inspiration-through words and photography. My obsession with photography started with my wedding. When looking for the perfect wedding photographer, I stumbled upon magic...Wedding photography, Engagements, Babies, Families-BLISS. I became intrigued with getting a glimpse into people's lives, a glimpse through a photographers' eyes. After my wedding, and my own disappointment with my wedding photos, I became, I would say, obsessed, with photography. I had a career position at the time, that allowed me a bit of down time, and I used that down time, searching photographers websites. I find photography so beautiful. Simply beautiful! It's like a sneak-peak into someone's life. You are a visitor in their dream world. In that moment, it's a glimpse of a moment in time, a moment in their life, forever captured on film. And in that moment, there is simplicity. Black and White, Color, Smooth lines, Crisp Colors, Sharp Edges, Softness-Beautiful. In that moment, this new couple, these Newlyweds aren't arguing over him leaving his dirty clothes all over the house, or wet towels on the floor. He isn't accusing her of going shopping or being spoiled. Their not arguing over money or family or stonewalling. They're not hurting each other by things said, or words unspoken. In that moment, their in love. And that's all you see. Simple-Love. Beautiful Love. Life. No Chaos. And there is Chaos. We all know there is. People fight, people argue, people disagree. That's life. But you don't capture that on film. Weddings are magical places, magical events. Everyone loves weddings, you'll never see a couple more happy, more in-love, more care-free. The world is their oyster. Their life is just beginning...And that is what you see come through the photos and it's magical.

With Children-enough said. Children are simple creatures. They just are, no rhyme or reason. They emit beauty just by being. And that moment is forever captured in time. That smile, that laugh, that curly cue, those baby feet, tiny hands, belly roll, belly button, dimply cheeks. You stopped time for a moment, and in that image they will forever be 1 day old, 1 week old, 1 month old, 1 year old.

I feel as though I have tapped into this magical world with blogging. I am discovering all these beautiful, unique people, and I am in awe...simple, pure, raw, utter awe. And, it has inspired me to seek that out in myself. Lately, I just feel like I have this bug, this tick that I can't quite squelch. I feel like I am going to burst with energy and I don't know what to do with it. My husband, my love, my strength, my guide, my support, has given me a photoshop program, and I think with what time I can find at the end of each very long, very exhausting day, I am going to delve into it, and devote my time to that, so instead of just wishing I could offer the gift of photography to others, and to my daughter through pictures, I will be that much closer to actually doing it. I am also going to try to write more, devote more time to searching within myself. I used to love to write. Short stories, drafts for books, poetry, letters, notes, and then I just stopped. Where did it go? I'm om a mission to find it. Wish me luck!

In my searching, I discovered this http://lyrynyacoe.blogspot.com/ and found this
http://hofferphotography.com/blog/. Seriously in love with this man's photography. Astounding, so beautiful. I seriously cried. Cried at the beauty. Cried for these couples and their love. Cried for joy that they will have these moments frozen forever in time. Cried, wishing I had the same. Cried wishing I could give this gift that he has to others. Absolutely beautiful. I am in love with what he does with the engagement ring at each different photo shoot. He always finds a way to incorporate the ring into the stage/setting of the shoot. So unique. I think I found a new obsession.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome Fall, Baby Dear....

Lately, I have been reminiscent of the early days of my pregannacy. I am remebering being pregnant at this time last year, and longing for that wonderful, magical feeling of holding a life inside of you, growing, nurturing your little pumpkin seed. I absolutely loved being pregnant! It was not like anything I can ever remember feeling, and really, is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I can think of nothing better, outside of holding your little one in your arms. My dear friend is pregnant, and I could not be happier for her, and her family. I must say my joy for her, is bringing back so many memories...I can't imagine never being able to experience that feeling, and I am so thankful that I will have the chance, again, someday to expereince it. I would be pregnant all the time, and have a whole brood of pumpkins if I could. My own little pumpkin patch! I would love to have baby after baby after baby. I can't begin to say how fufilling children are and how they fill your soul with such utter joy and love, you feel as though it will burst and rain down around you. The whole process from start to finish, I love every step.

Sweet baby dear, before you even were, I loved you, before I knew you, I loved you, before you fluttered, moved, kicked, hiccuped. Before you breathed your first breath of life, before you cried your first cry, before I could hold you, as I watched you across the room, I loved you. Before you were mine, I adored you, I worshiped you, I prayed for you, I thanked God for you, I knew I'd lay down my life for you, a million times over. As I held you, watched your tiny chest move up and down, felt your tiny heartbeat, held your tiny hand, I knew that You were mine, and as long as I lived there would never be anything as important as you, as perfect as you. I knew in those moments, you were mine, and I loved you.
The pic of Nik above was taken by my sister-in-law, Rachael, a talented photographer, here is further evidence of her talent http://schiranotriplets.blogspot.com/.


Umm, this rubber ducky is mmm, good!
"What are you talking about?! I think my hair looks good like this!"
"Well, you know my name is Simon, and I like to do drawrrrings!"

"Rubber ducky likes it when I eat his bottom, he really does, he told me."

"And the duck stands alone..."

Avid Fan!

"Is that an interception??!!!""
"Whew that was a close one, better watch it Jay."

"I can't watch, I'm so nervous."

"C'mon Olson, pull it together!"

"Wait, what's that inside there? A puppy? How'd they do that? Huh? What? Is that game still on? I'm taking a Time-out, let me know who wins!"

Thanks, Uncle Troy and Aunt Angie for my Bears Cheerleading Uniform! As you can see, I bring the Bears luck! Plus, the Blue and the Orange look so good on me! So much more flattering tham Blue and Silver!!! Don't you think?!

Daddy Day-Yeah!

" I love my Daddy, I love my daddy, I love my daddy, Yeah!!!"

Daddy bought me a pair of jeans and a long sleeve white tee-we won't talk about where he got it. but, Mommy came home, and she said, "What happened to my little girl?"

I had some fun with Sweet Potatoes. And, I am liking them better this time around.

Daddy carried me around in the Baby Bijorn. I was trying to take a nap, I got a little fussy pants!

We should do this "Daddy Days" more often... or once a month would do just fine!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Daddy Day Care!

I have to work one Saturday once a month, and while I hate to do it bc it makes the week that much longer, I get the following Friday off, which means one more day for Nik with family and helps with the cost of Daycare. So, I packed up the diaper bag with all the necessities, including: milk, cereal, diapers, wipes, toys, change of clothes, bibs, burp cloths, pacis, teethers, diaper rash creams, lotions, rattles, blankets, books and I sent the pumpkin off with her Daddy-they were out the door before I left. Daddy is off to get the pumpkin some jeans and some "Daddy Day" clothes, as the clothes Mommy left out for the pumpkin today are "not going to work" for Daddy. I'm a little worried. I somehow have a feeling that I'm going to run into someone I know at a later date and time and they are going to tell me how they ran into my husband, and our son at the store!!! My little pumpkin may look look like a little boy pumpkin when I get home from work!!! I know that Daddy gets a little thrill out of having the pumpkin all to himself for a day!
It reminds me of one of my favorite movies growing up, "Mr. Mom" with Michael Keaton, the country song, "Mr. Mom," and the fond memories I have of my own special "Papa Days" when I was growing up! Life truly is a circle.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"What's Up Doc?!"

I think you remember the "Squash Feet."
A couple days later, we tried carrots, and while the carrots did not elicit quite the same negative reaction and repulsion, they were still not met with quite the same enthusiasm as cereal (which is to be expected). She ate a little, but just sort of swished it around on her tongue, in her mouth, and then drizzled it back out. So, I caved and went back to cereal for a few days. We tried carrots again this weekend, and they were met with more GUSTO this time. We actually make some progress as far as working our way through the package, and the next day as well.
A little bit messy though...

She still wants to feed herself, which I find encouraging, yet, with messy carrots, it makes me a little antsy. I think I am going to start covering her and the high chair in a big plastic drop cloth!!

This is a slightly "jokerish" grin--
I think we will try sweet potatoes again, after some more carrots. We weren't crazy about those either (they came after the Squash).

Baby Blues!

This title has a three-fold purpose. First off, Nik has been a little fussy lately, and it has me concerned. It seems like it has started since I stopped coming to visit her on my lunch break. I have had to start pumping on my lunch hour, and am only allotted two other 20 min intervals in which to pump during my work day. I have tried to set my alarm many times for 2 am to pump, when your milk is most plentiful, but I always hit the snooze button. So, Nik's been a little fussy lately, and she only calms down when she is held. I will not admit to any nonsense that she is being spoiled (Daddy). How can a child that goes to daycare be spoiled? It's virtually impossible. Either way, it has me concerned that something is wrong, and I wish that the little pumpkin could just tell me what it is. I think she is missing her mommy, she is needing more loving, and/or more nourishments. So, today I sent her off with some cereal to eat for lunch in addition to her bottle. We have been feeding her once a day, but maybe it is time to step it up to twice a day, and/or add some more formula to the breastmilk. Yesterday, when I arrived home from work at 6 pm, after stopping at the grocery store, she was screaming when I came through the door, and she had just eaten at 4pm. I was able to calm her, and took her in the nursery to nurse her in the rocking chair. So, our baby has the Baby Blues! It's got me wishing that 1. I could stay home with her. 2. We could afford an in-home nanny, so she could get adequate one on one quality care. 3. That I could pinpoint whether the problem is our current childcare situation, Nik needing her mommy, a nourishment issue, or something else entirely. Could our little pumpkin be getting some little pumpkin toofers soon??

Secondly, the little Pumpkin's eyes are still blue, and has me wondering, when and/or if they are going to change. I think there is still time, so we will just have to see. It will be so strange to one day wake-up and the little pumpkin's eyes will be a different color! Maybe, it will be a gradual change. And, Please make sure you scroll down to the bottom if you haven't heard the song entitled, "Safe in My Arms," it talks about 'Baby Blues'. It reminds me of the pumpkin and brings me to near tears, every time I hear it. It also has autobiographical significance for me, so I am always comforted when I hear it. It is also the theme song on one of my fav blogs, http://lildavismichael.blogspot.com/ which is one of the reasons I was so drawn to the blog/author.

Thirdly, those Baby Blues will be mine one more day a week!!! Daddy has said that Mommy can start staying home one day a week, during her work week to watch the pumpkin and take care of things around the house!!! EEEK!!! Obviously, you can imagine that is somewhat challenging to get everything done when you work 40 hours a week, and try and balance a work life with your home life and family. Obviously, you have to spit yourself between the two, and you end up giving less than you would like of yourself to both causes. Both aspects suffer as a result. I had mastered the role of MOM, then I had to jump back into the WORK LIFE, and it was hard to give 110% to BOTH. I am one of those people who does not like doing anything 1/2 way. If it's not 100%, I don't want anything to do with it. Going back to work as a New Mommy, made that difficult bc you can't be two places at once, and one has to give way to the other, they are going to intertwine and rub/bump each other. Over time, I have managed to better handle the two roles. And now, when I'm at Work, I'm at Work, and when I'm Home, I'm Home, but there are times that they overlap. No one can know the pain of leaving your child with someone else unless you do it every day, and I would not wish that on anyone. And each person's pain and experience with that situation is different and unique to each individual person.

So, I have 5 weeks un-paid family bonding left that I have to use before the pumpkin turns one, and Daddy said that I can start taking one day a week to watch the pumpkin, as long as I am taking care of things around the house:) So, I 'll take what I can get. With some help, maybe the pumpkin will only be attending daycare 2 days a week now!! And that, my friends, is a miracle:

"There are only two ways to live your life. One as though Nothing is a Miracle, the other as though EVERYTHING is a Miracle." Albert Einstein
(That quote is hanging in the pumpkin's nursery).


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This post could have had many names. Black Cat for one. Happy Halloween. Whenever God closes a window, He opens a door. New Life.
Oreo. Marshmellow (ha!). York Peppermint Pattie. Adorable. I could keep going...But, I chose Midnight as that is what time it is, as I write this (ignore the time below the post, it's wrong, I just haven't gotten around to changing it). I was on the computer, when Josh came through the door, and shortly after followed this little one, and our friend Brad (Marsh). She was a ray of sunshine and relief to me, after what I went through last week. And I think Josh probably knew that and asked Brad to bring her by. She's a little sweetie. So tiny. So cute. Exploring, crawling, curious, fragile, delicate, wavering, uncertain, and terrified. She crawled all over us, and she purred on me when I scratched her back and rubbed her chin and neck. She's a lover all right. Our friend Brad is probably going to adopt her, so maybe we'll get to see more of her!

She had a sudden fondness for Josh, which was funny bc he really is not a big fan of cats!

Hats Off To You!

Happy Feet!!!

Yes, that's a little foot there!! Last weekend I was trying to get Nik to go down for naps (without much luck-Ha!) and everytime I went in to peek on her, she was playing with her feet!! I would walk in and all I would see was a little foot POP up out of the crib, or the next day it was two little bunny feet!! She is definently loving her feet and her toes these last couple of weeks, and I have to say, I am loving it too, as her feet, outside of her smile, are my absolute love! Here are just a few shots!!

Monday, September 14, 2009



It's the little pumpkin's 1st Halloween!!! I am beside myself with Excitement! I adore Halloween and LOVE Fall! Nikolina does not even know how excited I am for her!!! We had a little fun day this weekend looking at Halloween items, and we had to get the pumpkin a few Halloween items as it is her very 1st, her only 1st Halloween. Her Nana got her a onesie that reads, "My First Halloween," and her Mimi got her a little Witch that lights up and makes a spooky sound (but she cried every time we turned it on, so we had to take that back) so Mimi has agreed to get her something else instead. Mimi got the family a Halloween light that's orange with a black cat, and we can't wait to put it up. I've been wanting to put up Halloween decs for a couple weeks now. I figured I'd better wait till after Labor Day (Ha!). I planned to do it last weekend, and we never got around to it. Taking care of Diez, Nik, and things around the house, you wonder where all your time goes. I didn't have time to post!!! So, we are going to put up decs by this weekend for sure. And we told Daddy to mark his calendar, bc we are making our annual (and Nik's 1st) trip to the Apple Barn, and we CAN'T WAIT!!! What a photo op that will be with the giant pumperkins! We never want to get them too soon, Daddy says, bc they don't last (just like Christmas Trees) but Mommy can never wait!!!

Nik is ready for Halloween though. We tried on an outfit that we got for a steal at a store in town, they only had 12 months, so it's a little big right now, but I couldn't pass it up!!! The little pumpkin is a pumpkin. Ha! I told Josh, there are probably a million costumes that we could find that would be adorable, but I think, as we discussed, the pumpkin just has to be a pumpkin. So, I have been putting it off, but now, I am on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin costume!

I swear, she looks like she's about 2 years old here from the photo!


AHEM! Are you looking at me?!
No, I am not afraid of little scary ghostessays!
I eat ghostey poos for breakfast!

Chicco Monkey!

It was Chicco Weekend here at the Garrett household!

An early romp in the carseat with Bunny Foo Foo!

Sitting in my new high chair, ready for lunch!

A late lunch with Little Star!

A late stroll in my umbrella stroller!
(Thanks Aunt Jeannie and Auntie Mitzi!)

All in a day's work! Yea, life's pretty rough.


September 3, 2009
Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs Go,

Hey, Chicago, what y'da you say...

Cubs are gonna WIN today!

Well, not today, but Mom and Dad, still had a good time anyway. Any day at Wrigley's a good day!

Thanks Jan and Roger for the seats!

Thanks Mimi and Papa for watching the pumpkin!