Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Baby Giveaway!!

(that adorable little girl, Mia, and little boy, Tyler, in the pic with Nik, are my dear friend's Beautiful children
We live far away, but were lucky to get together last month an have dinner. Mia is TWICE Nik's age, but I think they are nearly the same size!)

Nik and I are so excited because we found out today that we won Tay's Vintage Baby Giveaway posted HERE!!!

A nice representative from MVB named Jessica, contacted me today, and told me to pick something out. I gave her Nik's size, and she provided me with a list of items that were still available in her size!

I am happy to say that we chose this dress!

You can see more MVB HERE!!!

I can't wait to come home and see the package on the door step, even more excited to open it, and even more excited to try it on Nik, and snap a pic to show you all!!  Look for pictures soon!

Thank you so much Taylor!!  You are so kind to extend these giveaways to us, we are such lucky bloggers!!  We love hearing all about Lil Miss and her adventures, all your reviews, and thoughts!