Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patties Day! Wordless Wednesday.


Happy St.Patrick's Day

I'd like to say that Iwill be celebrating and toasting the day with a tall, cold, green, frothy ale with you, but Monday night while baking my husband his (2nd) birthday cake, I rapidly became very ill with the flu and my hubby had to finish icing his own Birthday cake! I was so sick, I couldn't stand up anymore.  I was up all night sick, and into th early morning.  My hubby had to go get me Ginger Ale at 5 am bc I couldn't even keep water down.  I had felt a little nauseous earlier in the day, but dismissed it.  My hubby had been actin glike he didn't feel well either, but I thought he was just recovering from his birthday weekend celebration. 

I had used a vacation day to have my hubby's birthday off, and then it ended up kicking me in the butt, and I had to stay off my feet all day.  I could barely find the energy to feed the pumpkin, or carry her to her crib for naptime, literally laying on the couch all day and taking two naps when the pumpkin napped.

My father (papa) came by and took Nik for a walk so I could take a nap, as my mother came down sick with the flu at the same time I did.  Although, when he returned with the pumpkin after the walk, he said that he was pretty sure he was now coming down with the same thing. 

Finally around 6 pm, I got a little energy and made Nik some dinner as my husband went out to eat with his parents.  We didn't have any food in the house but with my hubby gone all day, I knew that it was up to me to take care of Nik.  My hubby went out for a couple drinks with friends to celebrate his 30th, so the pumpkin and I took a shower (since I hadn't showered in a couple days) and I put the pumpkin to sleep.  My husband came home and we lit his cake, and watched American Idol and then we were both out like a light. 

This is not exactly how I planned to spend my two days off this week, especially for my hubby's 30th, and one of my fav holidays, St. Patties Day.  Although I'm feeling better my flu has now turned into a cold.  We're pretty sure that we all got it from Nik. She was kinda fussy over the weekend, and my mother said she threw up while rocking her with a bottle Saturday evening, but we all thought maybe it was just some bad milk or what she ate during the day, because despite a little fuss, you wouldn't have thought her to have the flu. Especially not what I just had because it was the second worst I had felt in all my life.  I hadn't had the flu since I was seven years old, and one other time when I was 26.

So, whatever this bug is, hopefully none of you catch it.  It's supposed to be a beautiful day, hopefully I can take a walk today with the pumpkin, since I was under the weather yesterday. 
God bless you all this St. Patties Day!!
Luck of the Irish be with you!!