Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!! Top Two Tips!!

Top Two Tuesday is hosted by Taylor at The Undomestic Momma. You can see Taylor's and many other Mommas/Ladies pics HERE!!!


Yesterday I just blogged about Garage Sales, and that really is my #1 Money Savings tip.

I do also have another tip when shopping online, go here for coupon codes: http://slickdeals.net/. If they do not have any coupon codes there, you can google the vendor name + coupon codes and it will pull back any coupon forums for that vendor. Soemtimes they are expired, sometimes not.  Also, if you sign up for a vendor's newsletter/email updates before checking out, they will sometimes send you an email immediately with a coupon code that you can use towrds your purchse.  I emailed a company to ask them a question about a product the other day and they sent me a 10% off coupon code.

-Also, never shop hungry (or when you're pumpkin is hungry), I promise you, you buy so much more, and so much worse when you're hungry!
-Write a list so you don't forget things. It saves time, and if your local store cost more and you travel to a store to save money, you'll probably just make the short trip to get the item you forget and end up spending more.  It also helps your mind from wandering to other things you think you need.
-Clip coupons for items you NEED, or go to their manufacturer site for coupons or sign up for their email/newsletter to receive coupons.


My second tip is a Time Saving Tip that has helped me: Set your watch 5-10 minutes ahead. I kept being 5-10 minutes to late after Nik was born. It seemed like no matter what I did, I was rarely ever EARLY/EXACTLY ON TIME to work. It bothered me, bc I HATE being late to work. But, I hate making Nik rush, and I HATE to feel rushed. That always puts me in a bad mood with the Hubs, is when he rushes me. Although most times lately, I am waiting on him!! Ha! 

As a mom, we are always taking care of two people, and that takes twice as long, and lets face it, the hubs don't know that you need to pack a spare outfit (and a cute one and that) or snacks, or cup, or suncreen, hat, or how many diapers and wipes you need.  They don't know which toy/book is her fav, or which blanket/stuffed animal she prefers to another.  What bow is required for which outfit, or which shoes.  Every time you step out the door, it's like you're packing for a weekend. Don't get me started on how long it ACTUALLY takes me to pack for a weekend! Ha!

So, now, I am always early, or at least on time to work. And you would think that I would mind-trick myself into knowing that I have that extra time, and allow myself that extra time, but I don't. I go by my watch only, and I either forget that I have that extra time, or I remember, but I pretend that it is the correct time, and live by it.
It has helped me to be on time for everything else too, besides work.


I also have another tip that I just started with the hubs this last Friday, and I will have to let you know how it goes, but so far, it has been very successful. I always played School when I was little, I had the gradebook, the Teacher books, the name plates, the stickers, the lesson plans, the alphabet signs, the reward box, the workbooks etc.  I always thought I'd grow up and be a Teacher. I love all that stuff! 

I was at Target the other day and in the $1 section, they had Chore Charts. I can't wait till Nik is old enough for a chore chart!  I decided that the hubs and I frequently disagree on who actually does what around the house as far as chores go. Usually, it's always just me who does everything!  But, there are times when the the hubs does things, and just as I always feel under appreciated as a wife/mother/maid, he sometimes feels like the things that he does go unappreciated-imagine that!  And, I don't want to discourage him from helping out, good Lord!, so I decided to buy a Chore chart. It is a small wipe board with a pen and colored stickers. We assigned a color sticker to each of us, and when he does something he gets a sticker, and vice versa. It has turned it into a challenge/game for him, and he is obsessed with winning! I haven't really decided what the prize will be for the winner for the week, but I imagine you could do many different possibilities! 

I love to egg him on by saying, "I just put a sticker up, you are in big trouble, because I am so gonna have more stickers than you!"  Now, he takes notice to what I did, and I take notice, and I think it makes each of us feel more appreciated.  You could make your own, print one off the internet, create your own rules, but it's definently working so far. He's never helped so much.  I just have to make sure he doesn't cheat, ha, ha!


Life Saving tip:
-Also- I always keep a snack on hand in my purse/car for Nik bc you never know when you'll need it, it could help with a tiny tantrum, and it always helps to get Nik in her carseat when she doesn't want to go. Saves her from a tantrum, and saves my sanity. I also keep an extra outfit/diaper/wipes in the car at all times. I also keep an emergency kit/water/flashlight/blankets/umbrella in the car at all times.  Jumper cables are always a good thing too.

Beauty tip:
-And for a day when you can't wash your hair, powder added to your roots always makes your hair look less grimey and fresher/fluffier.  I also deep condition once a week, I think it helps tremendously for my style hair.