Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glide Bikes Giveaway!!

What am AMAZING giveaway!!  I popped over to Tay's today, and realized that I never entered this giveaway, and I had been so excited for it.  Since I have not been uploading photos lately, blogging is getting a little away from me.  Can't wait till things are back to normal, ha!

This is such an amazing giveaway, I couldn't believe it!!  I read about the Company and the Designer on their web page when I went over there to check out the bikes, and it's a great story!  I LOVE reading these kinds of stories. I think it's amazing to learn how ordinary situations (such as purchasing your child's first bike) and every day people lead way to genius and entrepreneurship.  I think it's great that he took the initiative to discover the importance of a "balance bike" and incorporate mountain bike advantages with a child's bike, because of his own experience with mountain biking.  Logic leads way to greatness.

I would love to present this shiny PINK bike to Nik on her 2nd Birthday next Spring.  I can just see it with a Big Bow on her birthday.  She would be ecstatic!  She LOVES bikes, three wheelers, and her Little Tykes Car. Hard to believe my little pumpkin will be two next Spring. Ugh, where does the time go. I can't even imagine her being old/big enough to ride this bike, but I know it's right around the corner. 

I remember when my oldest brother taught me to ride a bike, on Grove Street, without training wheels. I remember I turned around and he was way back down the sidewalk, and I had been riding by myself and didn;t know it. I remember how scared and excited I was at the same time, when I realized I was riding all by myself.  He was just back there smiling and clapping his hands.I went straight from a Red Strawberry Shortcake Tricycle to a Pink and White "Fancy Dancer" Bicycle, with a pink horn, pink/white streamers, and a flower basket.  I used to LOVE to ride my bike, and I remember the spills and scrapes as well.

I would def purchase this little flower basket to go along with the bike for the little pumpkin, just like her Mommy had.

This is a great thing.  I am grateful for the opportunity.  Head on over to Tay's!! for a chance to win one of these fabulous bikes for your little pumpkin!

Love to all,