Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My Company Christmas gift came this weekend.  I had a difficult time deciding this year. Last year, I got a Mikasa Glass Candy Dish, the year before, a Camping Tent in the hopes that hubs and I would go camping, but then Winter came, and a baby in the Spring. The year before that, I missed the deadline to order, ha!Hopefully, we can make plans to go Camping sometime next year, I have never been, and am really excited to go.  And, as girly as I am, I think I might be able to rough it for at least one night. As long as I have my "Louie" Louis Vuitton, right (ha, ha, that a "Newlyweds" reference).

This year, I decided on this:

To replace my "If Lost Please Return to Tiffany" Toggle Bracelet that I lost the Christmas I worked at Bath and Body Works, to earn extra money for Christmas. Ironically, I took it off and put it in one of our Communal smocks so I wouldn't scratch/nik it while at work, and then I left it in there, and forgot about it. Someone found a nice surprise that Christmas in their smock.  Looking back I have a fond memory of working there, but that job was actually a nightmare! They had all us Christmas help on stocking and unloading most of my time there, with the occasional floor walking/assisting customers. I think I worked the Cash register twice the whole time I was there.  I did enjoy the Festive atmosphere and meeting/helping Christmas shoppers, and handling all the products. But, I don't think I have ever been paid less and worked harder in a shorter period of time in my life, ha!  To top it off I bought Christmas presenets for all the women in my family, so they probably got their money back, ha!  Oh well, I did get to work with an old friend of mine, but needless to say, I did not offer to stay on when they offered me an extended position.

I don't know when I'll ever be able to replace my Tiffany Togle, hubs doesn't even know Tiffany's exists on the map, even though it's my favorite store outside of Victoria's Secret.  But, the Brighton, Bibi Heart Bracelet, is a very pretty and intricate design.  It's design was inspired by Bali.  I have never been to Bali or anywhere Tropical, so I thought why not? And, after watching "Eat, Pray, Love," and her trip to Bali, I was inspired.  And, I let Nik have the tin heart it came in.  Who doesn't love new jewelry.
I will probably put it in my stocking for Christmas!

Speaking of Bath and Body Works. I went in there recently becuase I received my annual Christmas gift certificate for a free $13 gift with a $10 purchase. I went to get candles like I usually do, and I must say I was a little shocked that what you used to be able to buy for $10/$13 for a candle is NO LONGER.  The $10 candles are now like mini votives, what is up with that? I am very dissapointed in this fact. The cute frosty glass casings are gone as well, and they all look like Yankee Candles now. I like Yankee Candles, but if I wanted a Yankee Candle I'd go buy one. What happened to the signature frosty glass Bath and Body candles?  I want those back. I hate when companies change their signature products. Ugh!  Wish I could've stocked up on them before they switched to this new design.  Grr, Roar!