Friday, December 11, 2009

Post coming soon...

I promise I have a post coming soon. I have been searching to find some time for myself to get a post complete. I promise there will be one there for tomorrow's Saturday Sharefest, if not tonight. It has been a crazy week. I am exhausted from work, and Nik has been fighting me going down asleep in her crib alone and the Cry It Out Method just seems like Cruel and Unusual Punishment. I hate to see her carry on that way, crying for nearly 2 hours till she's so physically and emotionally exhausted that she just finally succumbs to slumber as it overcomes poor little distressed body. There has got to be a better way... Sleepless nights at the Garrett Household. But, every other moment besides bedtime, she is literally the happiest baby ever and such an angel. She simply does not want to go to bed alone. Personally, I don't blame her

Christmas in Chicago

December 8, 2009
Josh went to a BBall game Tuesday night in Chicago, and Nik and I got to tag along for the day. The weather held out long enough for us to make a quick trip to the Old Marshall Fields Building, now Macy's.

Nik in her snowsuit. "Baby, it's Cold Outside!"
The old Marshall Fields Building sign
The Traditional Trumpets welcoming...

The cheer of the traditional window themes.
This year was "How Children's Letters get to Santa at the North Pole..."

The lure and beauty of a store floor at Christmas...
You can enjoy it, even if you're not shopping

Aunt Becca, met us as we waited in line to see Santa
At first, we were ok with Santa, even though we had a long train ride, and were tired and hungry after waiting in line for over an hour to see said Santa

Then, we were not so happy...
I told Santa I couldn't speak for Nikolina, but she would probably just wish for health and happiness. Santa said he'd see about bringing her a toy, and some boxes and wrapping paper, to play with. We said, we would like that. We had to wait a long time to see Santa, but it was worth the wait.
A Princess Fairy in the Walnut Room , sprinkled fairy dust on Nikolina, Josh, and I as we made a wish...I wished for health and happiness. She made the trip worth it for me. She and Nikolina became good friends.

The Tree in the Walnut Room.
Nik crawling at the Union League. We had lots of great crawling space on the floor of the hotel
And, we liked our crib a little too much. We sat and crawled, and stood up in our crib which made bedtime difficult
Children should not be this happy and energetic way past their bedtime...
On the way home, we loved the train (we caught an early train, bc a snowstorm was headed in). Nikolina looked out the window the whole way, banged on the glass, and waved at the workers on the railroad. She and a conductor became really good friends, and she kept trying to climb the seat to get a peek at her.
Daddy, being silly.
I just loved the way the train car looked on the Black/White setting. I particularly loved this photo (of this little girl that Nik met on the train). She and her mother were visiting her daddy/husband who was doing some business in Chicago. The're originally from Maine. Her sister and extended family lived in Bloomington. It's amazing the different people you come in contact with on trains.
Train cars are so antique, I just love them!
Love this!