Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Update and Coldstone Creamery WINNER!

Hey Y'all!

Happy Monday!  Brrr, what a cold weekend we had!  I won tickets to Uncle Kracker on a local radio station, but the concert was about an hour away, and we happen to have a small ice storm and got a late start, so hubs said that we wouldn't be able to attend;(.  I was dissapointed, but hubs DID take me to a Chicago Bears Game Sunday for business, and the weather was so bad, we got to stay the night in Chicago over night. Yeah!!  I had to be at work at 8am today, but we were able to have a nice dinner after the game at a little Italian Restaurant called the Italian Village that was TO DIE FOR!  We had the cutest little booth/table, nestled in this little cove like corner, all to ourselves.  IT was so private and intimate.  They had fabulous bread/olive oil, great food, and dessert!

This Picture pretty much sums up the whole game for me. Tom Brady and the Partiots outdefeated us in any and every way imagineable.  If anyone of you saw, the Bears game was a massacre and it was brutally cold, windy and snowy, with -5 windshield.  But, we were able to go with two other young couples who the hubs does businness with and we had a nice lunch at Kroll's Bar near Soldier Field, had fun at the game bundled up, with only our eyes showing, drinks afterwards, and then huns and I seperated to go to dinner, and then back to the hotel, where I took a very long hot shower.

My parents watched Nik over the weekend.  She had the onset of a cold.cough, and it escalated over the weekend, so they stated they would watch her today, so hopefully, she gets to feeling a little better.  My dad said it looks like our dog Diesel got into something too while we were gone, and now, we think he's sick top. What a mess.  Hopefully, he'll be okay.

It was my brothers birthday Sunday, and my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces came down from Chciago to visit. Happy Birthday Troy, you're a GREAT UNCLE, and Nikolina just adores you!  We were sorry we missed my family, but we're looking forward to seeing them on Christmas!  Apparently Nik had a blast with my 6 year old niece and doted on my 9 month old niece.  Savannah was pulling Nik around the house on her bottom with a silkie and Nikolina was cracking up hysterically, and she kept running over to my 9 month old niece wanting to kiss and hold baby Isabella over and over.

My point and shoot is broken, so we only took some pics with a throw away camera. So I don't have any to share of the game, not that I could share them anyway without going to my parents to upload them, ha.  But, I could probably show you a pic of a couple people wraqpped up like Mummies with only their eyes exposed, and you wouldn't know the difference...

But, you wouldn't know that this wasn't us, unless I told you, would you???

I have no idea who these people are, found it online.
But this is pretty much what everybody looked like walking around, ha!

But, I hope you all had a GREAT WEEKEND, and I do have a WINNER for the $20 GC Coldstone Creamery Giveaway. Wish I could give one to everyone. I went to Random.Org, and you have to pay a fee and be a member to get the official drawing pic/info. But, I assigned a number to all of you based off what order your comments were in, if you participated, and assigned two numbers to you if you chose a flavor, etc.  I think drawing names from a hat is more fun, and would have had Nik do it, but this seemed more fair.

For generic giveaway results. The top number in the Random sequence is used.

Which was  #8.

I tried to attach the link below, showing that #8 was the first number in the random sequence, but the link just kept changing the number sequence. 

CONGRATULATIONS Allison of Life With Lydia

Isn't the pic of her little one THE CUTEST EVER!!  WHAT A DOLL!

Email me at with your address to claim your prize!
Hopefully, I will have more Giveaways for you. I had so much fun with this one, I think I am going to try and have another one soon!

Happy Monday Y'all!