Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday.

This is my Bench Monday Shot
(if I could ever sit down and learn photo shop, I might submit one, Ha)
I Love this One.
Who's Face is THAT??  I don't know. She's Crazy!
I soooo need to buy her a pair of shoes. 
This shot is so funny, I call it "My Old Man Shot"
(Bc she looks like an old man in those bibs with her stance like that).
She put her chalk down, and just went straight into that stance.
She buckled her knees, and stuck her back back, and threw her arms out with Gusto.
I have no Idea where she came up with that.
A little pouty.
A little Silly.
A big Smile.
More Laughing.
"You want me to go down?"
Crazy Face!