Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 13th, Pumpkin!!

The Pumpkin turns 13 Months today!!
Here is a little about you now.

You are a BIG SAS-A-FRASS-A-PANTS now, an you are not afraid to show it!!  You want what you want and nothing else!  Sometimes I think you can't possibly be my child, but then other times, I think you must be my child!!  Although, I'm still blaming your father for your behavior!  Ha, Ha!

You hate to sit in your stroller, high chair or car seat now, most of the time. You have to be bribed with goldfish or something similiar. 

Sometimes when you don't get your way, or what you want, you will start to fuss and cry (especially if you are tired).  I think you are just overwhelmed with all these new emotions and trying to share yor feelings but really sure how to.  I just let you go with it, and give you hugs. 

You can sign "Milk"and "Finished," but I blame myself for kind of lacking to reinforce the other signs. I started with good intentions:)

You can say many things, but "Da,Da" Josh, and "Woo, Woo" are your favorite words.  "Ma,Ma" makes it in there too. You say "Dog" and "Diesel" but it doesn't quite sound like either.  There are lots of other words in your vocabulary, but they aren't often repeated.

Everytime you see any kind of an animal, it's a "Woo,Woo."  You love to look out the window or the stroller to watch/look for "Woo,Woos."

You can blow kisses (like Mimi and Papa taught you), love to wave "Hi" and "Bye"
You can make a fish face and suction your lips in to a pucker (like Mommy taught you).

You love to pretend talk on the phone.  You will place your hand to your ear and say "La, La, La, La," or any other object, it doesn't have to even resemble a phone.  You put the monitor charger to your ear for about three days, pretending it was a phone.

You LOVE children, and whenever you see them or hear them you start talking to them, and trying to see them or get closer to them.

You pet doggies, but you just had your first up-close encoutner with a baby cat, and you very nicely pet the cat, but then grabbed his fur, and then you tried to repeatedly follow the cat, and the kitty was so nice to you and would get right up close to you, or lay down in front of you so you could pet him, but then you would suddenly start crying and screaming at the poor guy.  So, we are still trying to work out what that is all about.  You appear to have a love-hate relationship with cats.

You love to give hugs and snuggle, and when we pick you up, you always hug real close.

You go down for bed and naps without hardly ever a fuss.

You LOVE bluberries. You also like bananas, cheerios, cereal, spagetti, macaroni and cheese, baked potaoes and meat.  You really like hotdogs.  You LOVE ice cream (just like Mommy:).

You love to lay you head down on pillows, the couch, or the bed.  You will often do it repeatedly in the same sitting.

You are very close to walking and will take 3-4 steps between Daddy and I.  You can stand by yourself for several minutes, but you will then realize you are standing and fall to your knees.  You are a super-fast crawler, and love to cruise around, pushing furniture all around the house.  You love to walk with people, and can do it barely holding on.  We think you are just afraid of trying to get your balance, but you'll be walkign in no time with a little practice.

You LOVE you Little Tykes car (from Nana).  It by far your favorite toy. And you still love your chair.  I want to get a little table and chairs for you-I have a feeling you will LOVE it, since you love Nana's so much!

You love to snuggle and hold stuffed animals, really close to you, and give them a big squeeze. You like to push your dolly or stuffed animals around in your car or stroller.  You especially love the soft ones!

You especially love your Leap Frog Learning "Tad" and the one with all the body parts, and day and night that sing and talk.

You are on Vitamin D Milk only now:(  But Mommy really misses breastfeeding you.  She wishes she could've continued to breast feed you longer.  You were just startign to really understand that is where your milk came from and how to get it. You still try and stick your hand down my shirt like you used to when you want your boo-boos.  You even sometimes try and nurse, but very rarely anymore, thank goodness-It breaks my heart!

Mommy's favorite time with you is when she puts you down for bed, rocking you in the rocking chair or when she first comes to get you in the morning from your crib.  You are SOOOO Much Fun right now!!  I wish that I could be with you every's so hard not to share this time with you!!  You're getting to be such a Big Girl!  We love you, have a great day with your MIMI!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Pics.

This year for Easter. We were able to spend the holiday with both families. We went to Church and Brunch with my parents (my brother, sister-in-law and nieces are hanging low bc of the new little pumpkin and my other brother joined his friend's family).  Then we drove to Chicago for the afternoon to be with Josh's family + extended family.

I didn't hide any eggs for the pumpkin this year bc she doesn't quite get the "hunting" part of it.  She simply likes to play with the eggs and put them in her mouth.  I can't wait till she's old enough for a hunt.  I LOVED easter egg hunts as a child.  My mom gave the best clues!
We did fill her baskets with a couple goodies (I ate her Reeses Egg, yummmy!), some books, and she received a new bunny as well.  Since Nik's birthday party left me crazy busy, we didn't really get the chance to give the pumpkin one of her on Easter Nik woke to find a big, soft, Pink Puppy in her favorite chair.  She immediately ran to him and tackled him with smooshie hugs and kisses and "woofed" at him.  He's a big success!

Nik LOVES!! "Pat the Bunny."  I thought the retailer was crazy bc the book runs about $9, but it is hands down one of Nik's favorites.  She loves book that play music, have texture, or activites (who wouldn't?)  She pulls the flap to play "peek a boo," smells the page with the scented flowers, feels "daddy's face," plays with "bunny's book," puts her fingers through "mommy's ring" and waves "Bye-Bye" to Paul and Judy.  She picked up the actions immediately!  I am so happy we got it for her, I now know why it's a classic!

Her name is Penelope, isn't she so snuggly!
Daddy being silly!
Nik being silly!
Papa Love u!
The one of two pictures I got of her before she ripped them off her head!  This girl does not like any object on her head for too long!
Me, Daddy, and Nik
Mimi, Pap, Nik, and I
My Carrot Cake. Yummy!

Hope you all had a Wonderful Easter!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hop, Hop! Easter Egg Hunt!

Mimi stopped by to say hi!
Would you like an egg, Mom?!
Baby Chicks!
Easter Bunny!!
Nana and all her nanettes
Nana, Nik, and I

My Mother-In-Law invited Nik and I (and her aunt and cousins) to an Easter Egg Hunt at our local Country Club. Becausee it rained heavily the night before and in the morning the hunt was moved inside for the day!  Ironically, just as we were heading there, the sun came out brilliantly!  But, we all had a blast, and I can't wait to go again next year!

The Club did a wonderful job on entertainment and food, and Nik had a blast playing with eggs (she's not really into hunting for them yet).  She was obsessed with the baby chicks (although I find it slightly disturbing that they were tye-dyed) and I had to physically remove her from that area as she tried to squeeze the life out of one, and then was squirming to see them over and over and saying "woof, woof" repeatedly.  Nik enjoyed  watching the Magic Show with the other children and crawled all over the other children gathered watching.  The Easter Bunny even stopped by for a visit! 

It was a roaring success and I am so happy that we could attend.  Thanks Nana and Grandpa, we love you!!  Can we please go again next year??!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Our pumpkin has a cold and a cough AGAIN...

My daycare provider called me today because Nik is not taking her cold/cough very well and I think she was a little overwhelmed.  I just don't know what to do with her.  She is sick every other week with something that she caught at daycare.  What are they putting in the water over there?

My husband and I wanted her to attend an in-home daycare to try and limit her exposure to children and germs, but she's sick every other week (at least every two weeks) with something.  It's like every day I am just praying that she won't come down with something.

My heart just goes out to her, and it just tears me apart that we have to send her there everyday and expose her to that.  Everyone says how great it is because she will haev such a strong immune system, but all I can see is that she is always miserable and it is so difficult on myself to juggle her, the house, and my job.

I just pray that summer comes soon and brings some relief from these germs.  Ugh!

I have to work tomorrow and today was pay day, but my paycheck was gone to bills before lunch time, if that speaks for anything...Double Ugh! 

But, I am hoping that all of you have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

Hopefully, I will get to uploading a couple pics from Easter soon!  XOXO

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursdays.

I'm not sure where Thankful Thursdays began, but while looking around today, I decided that I know what I am especially Thankful for Today...

and it is...

All of YOU!!

Everyday I am amazed at the women (and men) that I have had the opportunity to meet through blogging.  It has truly changed my life in amazing ways.  You all inspire me, make me smile, laugh, bring tears to my eyes, brighten my day, and bring my life meaning and purpose.  You are all amazing and beautiful in every way, unique and individuals.  Stay exactly the way you are, and NEVER change!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Search Your Heart...(and your pocketbook).

I just stumbled upon THIS.

Nikolina is not much older than Sophie, and I can't IMAGINE going through something as difficult as this.  My heart aches, my eyes are wet, and my chest is tight thinking of what they must be going through.

You can make a donation HERE. 

I ask you to search your heart and your pocketbook for whatever you can spare to give, for this family and their Dear Angel and the struggle that God has called them to fight.

I encourage you to share this story, if you think Sophie and her family would benefit from your efforts. 

God bless.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!! Top Two Favorite Magazines!

Top Two Tuesday is hosted by Taylor at The Undomestic Mama.  You can see Taylor's Top Two picks of the Week and many other Mams's here:

Top Two Magazines
If you read my sideline, you would already know the answer to this question...It used to be Cosmo and Victoria's Secret, but as a new Mama, my top two favorite magazine pics are (and yes, I get a little leap in my heart and my breath quickens when I go to get the mail and discover that one of them has come in the mail that day...)  Ahhh...I LOVE baby magazines.  They make me feel like such an informed, Hip Mama.

1. American Baby


2. Parents Magazine

Thanks, Taylor!
In other news, Baseball Season is underway, and I can't wait for my Cubbie Bears!!  Yeah!!  My WIN flag will be a flying this year! 

Go Cubbies!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!! Hop, Hop!!

While taking a walk the other day, Nikolina and I happened upon this beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree and that led to an impromptu photo shoot.  I just love these trees and they are only here for but a whisper and then they are gone, so I was so happy to have this opportunity to share in this treasure with the pumpkin.

Don't forget to leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny!

There is the smell of cinnamon coming from our kitchen...soon to be Carrot Cake!  Mmm...