Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursdays.

I'm not sure where Thankful Thursdays began, but while looking around today, I decided that I know what I am especially Thankful for Today...

and it is...

All of YOU!!

Everyday I am amazed at the women (and men) that I have had the opportunity to meet through blogging.  It has truly changed my life in amazing ways.  You all inspire me, make me smile, laugh, bring tears to my eyes, brighten my day, and bring my life meaning and purpose.  You are all amazing and beautiful in every way, unique and individuals.  Stay exactly the way you are, and NEVER change!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!


  1. Ditto! Being a SAHM I don't always get a ton of adult conversation during the days...getting on my computer during Lil' Bit's naptime and reading all the supportive and encouraging comments really keeps me going!

    And, we're thankful for fun blogs like yours to read!!!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. I have a blast blogging and reading blogs too. I talk my hubby's ear off when he comes home from work.

  3. saw you were following me, i'm following you now too!! :)

    your baby is the cutest ever!! fam is adorable!! :)
    have a great night hun!!

  4. Awe that's the sweetest thing! I often feel the same about the blogging friends that I have made!

    Love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your sweet little girl :)

  5. I love your blog, and your baby girl is precious!! New follower!! :)