Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!!!

Top Two Tuesdays is hosted by Taylor at The Undomestic Mama!!!  You can see Taylor's and many other Mama's Top Two pics HERE!!!.

Today's Top Two pics is Your Top Two Favorite Perfumes!!!
I must say that I am a creature of habit. I LOVE perfume, especially sexy sexy perfume, but I never get around to buying it too much. It is one of those things that I LOVE but just never takes a top priority. Let's face it, after you have children, nothing for you take top priority, HA! 

But, a good perfume always makes me feel extra sexy, beautiful, attractive, and desired. Especially, when someone comments on it, most of all the hubs.

These are my favs, but I have not been loving them so much in the summer. I think maybe they are more fall/winter perfumes.  So, I will be excited to see what you all pick. Maybe I might get some great ideas!


Okay, I cannot find exactly which Vickie Secret Perfume I have online, but it is in a frosty purple bottle, with a velvet purple bow.  I get so many complimets  on it, and it smells heavenly.  And of course, nothing makes you feel sexier than wearing Victoria's Secret.  The shop just oozes sensuality.

I love this perfume, and I get lots of compliments on it. I have also heard that the Valentino perfume with the little fan is fabulous too!

Taylor's is hosting a give away today, one that I am VERY EXCITED about!!  I am LOVING this website My Vintage Baby!!


It was very hard to decide, but I think my FAV outfit is the one Lil Miss is wearing and the one pictured here

This website has fabulous clothes, and from what Taylor said, they sound absolutely beautful!!  There really is a difference between good designer quality clothes and well, less quality desiger clothes!!
You can feel it in the quality of the stich of the fabric and the weight of the fabric!!
I would LOVE the little pumpkin to be able to romp around in one of these beautiful designs!!! 
She's be the Talk of the Town!!!


We entered NIk in a Beautiful Baby Contest with our local Radio Statio, 107.7 The Bull on Facebook. Please vote for her.  The Contest runs thru Sunday. 

To vote, you have to be a member of Facebook.  You can vote for her by becoming a fan of the radio station, and "liking" the radio station by "liking" a post on the page. Then you can vote for her by clicking on her photo and "liking" her photo. She is in Round 7, at the bottom of the page in black and white. This is her photo!! 

Please, please, please vote for her!!!  I would be the happiest Mommy around if she could be "The Beautiful Baby" winner!  Tell everyone you want or blog about it, please, please, please!!! 

There is a post about it and link below!!