Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cause For Celebration.

My mother (Mimi) watches the pumpkin on Thursdays (her day off), and this week, I had to be at work by 7 am, so my hubby took me to work today and dropped the pumpkin off at my parents house.  I always love it when we can do little things like that together, as a family, like riding to work together, or even just simple things like grocery shopping or running errands.  It's nice when things work out that way.  I love those days, when things seemed a little relaxed and you can do things like that...

I was awarded a promotion at work today.  I received an annual bonus and by surprise, my manager also informed me that I received a job level promotion to boot!!!  So, our family received a little bump in pay today, which will help us get a leg up on those medical bills we still have yet to pay off!!  Woo hoo!!  So, my hubby took me out for a quick bite to eat for lunch at a quaint little Italian restaurant in town, and then we grabbed a bite to eat after we went to pick up the pumpkin at my parents house together. 
Out to eat twice in one day--we were spoiled today!  I loved every minute of it.  Mostly just the time spent together doing something out of the ordinary...

The promotion was a nice way to end the week, as this has felt like a very long week for me, even with Wednesday off with the pumpkin, I have just been terribly exhausted this week.  And, lately, at work, the customers have been really, really, cranky, and it has had me reaching for every strain of patience that I have (and I am not a patient person!).  Maybe I am a little cranky too, but I swear people are cranky lately (It must be the winter blues!)  It is also Nik's 10 Month Anniversary tomorrow, and Diesel's 5th Birthday.  We stopped by my hubby's new office, and I must say that it is looking very nice, and we are so proud of him, and so excited!!  So, today, we had cause for celebration for many reasons. 

I can't believe our little pumpkin is going to be 10 Months tomorrow.  I just love her to pieces!!  I am going to try and write a few words about what she's been up to lately tomorrow and to wish my sis-in-law a Happy 22nd Birthday, but I just wanted to say Happy Thursday, and...

 "It's Finally Friday, Here Again!!"  Woo hoo!  Thank Goodness!!

The little pumpkin has 5 teethers!! 

My hubby bought me this little cake to celebrate my promotion...isn't he a sweetie!!!
You have to love that he walked into the store, looked around, and thought,"Ahh, yes, Beer candles. That is just what this cake needs! These will be perfect!!!" 
Beer candles!!!  Ha, What a guy!
I actually love it!!  I think it's adorable!