Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hop, Hop! Easter Egg Hunt!

Mimi stopped by to say hi!
Would you like an egg, Mom?!
Baby Chicks!
Easter Bunny!!
Nana and all her nanettes
Nana, Nik, and I

My Mother-In-Law invited Nik and I (and her aunt and cousins) to an Easter Egg Hunt at our local Country Club. Becausee it rained heavily the night before and in the morning the hunt was moved inside for the day!  Ironically, just as we were heading there, the sun came out brilliantly!  But, we all had a blast, and I can't wait to go again next year!

The Club did a wonderful job on entertainment and food, and Nik had a blast playing with eggs (she's not really into hunting for them yet).  She was obsessed with the baby chicks (although I find it slightly disturbing that they were tye-dyed) and I had to physically remove her from that area as she tried to squeeze the life out of one, and then was squirming to see them over and over and saying "woof, woof" repeatedly.  Nik enjoyed  watching the Magic Show with the other children and crawled all over the other children gathered watching.  The Easter Bunny even stopped by for a visit! 

It was a roaring success and I am so happy that we could attend.  Thanks Nana and Grandpa, we love you!!  Can we please go again next year??!!