Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pregnancy:Week 26

DATE: March 10, 2011

How far along: 26 Weeks

Total Weight Gained: Unknown, never weighed myself before baby (insane I know)

Current Weight: 134.8

Weeks 25-28 (Month 6): Eggplant

Average size: 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.
Immune system is preparing for the outside world...

Your Baby: Month 6
Let your spouse put an ear to your belly -- he might be able to pick up baby's heartbeat (no stethoscope required). Inside the womb, the formation of tiny capillaries is giving baby a healthy pink glow. Baby's also soaking up your antibodies, getting the immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and baby will soon perfect the blink -- perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.

Maternity Clothes: I did purchase a pair of maternity jeans as I mentioned in a previous post:

My other jeans fit, but the zipper kept sliding down, and the button began to get uncomfortable.  I have heard of the Belly Band and all those gadgets to wear out your current pair of jeans longer, but I just decided to give in to Maternity and buy a pair. They are skinny afterall. The only thing I don't like is the elastic over your tummy, and it looks strange folded over, but I'm sticking with the one pair for now. 

My last pregnancy the only Maternity clothes I purchased was a pair of jeans, a few long sleeve tees from Targee and the hubs purchased a winter maternity coat for me.  I usually just wore what I already had to save money or bought something clearance in a larger size in the Junior dept.  I was trying to stay away from Maternity clothes, and just wasn't happy with the selection we had at our one Maternity store and Targee.  But this prenancy, our Maternity store had some cuter things, and Heidi Klum has a Maternity line now as well. I figured, I should just buy something that fits my body type pregnant rather than clearance Junior clothes, and embrace being pregnant.  I bought a short black raincoat, a few tops, a black pair of skinny dress pants, and a pair of black stretch pants. I have a couple wedding showers for my sister-in-law to attend, Easter, and my 31st Birthday, and Maternity pictures soon, so they will be put to good use, and I didn't break the bank on the purchases.
Sleep: Good.  Sleeping on my left side, which I always do anyway.  A pillow between my legs is most comfortable, but I usually wake up and it's somehwere else in the bed or on the floor.  Last night though Nik woke up several times, and then I couldn't get back to sleep.  The baby was then moving non stop for a couple hours. Eventually I went and got Nik, gave her some milk and we snuggled till she fell back asleep, and then I moved her back to her crib, went back to sleep for about 1hr and got up, and actually fixed myself up a little this morning for a change.  I usually just put my hair in a bun or hat and rush out the door with usually whatever is hanging in my closet clean, and my jeans or leggings that are thrown on the floor.

Best Moment of the Week: My Prenatal Appt today.  I got to drink the orange sugar "gatorade" juice for the blood lab/Diabetes/Glucose test today.  I actually think it tastes good, or at least my office's does, ha ha.  I enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed playing hooky for an hour while I had to wait before I could get my blood drawn.  My obgyn came in and I talked to her, she took the baby's heartbeat and she said in the 130's so she is guessing a boy.  She said I was measuring 25/26 tummy measurement.  Then I walked down to the Hospital Gift shop while I waited for the hour to be up, and got to look at all the tiny cute fluffy soft adorable baby items and dream about our baby and his/her coming into the world, and those heavenly first couple days in the hospital with ourt new little bundle of joy, boy or girl. And saw these adorable Mud Pie silver rattles for a girl or boy that were about $7 and decided that I will have to have my mom pick one up after we find out what sex the baby is.  Eeek, can't wait! 

Food Cravings: Oranges. Vitamin Water ZERO. Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Food Aversions: None, but staying away from Caffeine and Soda.

Gender: Still don't know yet, we are waiting to find out. Hubs wants to know badly. Saw our Sono Tech today who asked if I had changed my mind about finding out and I said, "No, I still don't want to find out."  I mean I do, but, I don't.  Hubs still wants to though.

Symptoms: Big belly!  Getting harder to sit in shower and shave legs, bend over to pick things up, etc.  Try not to lay on my back too much, bc of the loss of blood flow, and I hear is uncomfortable for Baby bc he/she competes with your backbone/vertebrae.  Though I sometimes wake up on my back.  Heartburn, Heartburn and more Heartburn!  From anything: juice, fruit, vegetables, fish, rice, pasta, you name it, it gives me heartburn.  Zantac is my saving grace!  Looks like I am carrying a basketball, so I am thinking, "Boy" based on the heartbeat and tummy, but still think this little one is a Girl.  I've heard people say the heartbeats predicted the opposite sex many times, so I'm not sure that is a positive indicator of the sex of the baby, and the Chinese lunar calendar sais it was a Girl, so we'll see!

What I miss: I would love a good glass of wine!

What I'm looking forward to: Decorating the Nursery.  Maternity pictures.  And, I can continue to say, finding out the sex of the baby!  And, also, really getting excited to meet this little bundle of joy!

What I am loving: Feeling that baby kick.  My 15/20 min walks at work on my break.  I love reading Nik her Big Sister book!   Also, enjoying my quality, special time with Nik before she has to share Mommy-Lots of giggles and snuggles hugs and kisses!