Monday, February 21, 2011


I am wanting to find out the baby's gender today....argh. So hard. I feel like I should wait it out since we have come this far, but want to know...grrr.  What do you think????

So I mentioned wanting skinny maternity jeans that were not in our budget....and,  I forgot that hubs got me a gift certificate to a local dept Monday, the zipper on my "junior" skinny jeans kept un-zipping, and by Friday, I couldn't comfortably get my jeans zipped or buttoned. I tried on my maternity jeans from 2008-2009, and they were atrocious compared to my skinny jeans which I am used to, and my skinny jeans aren't even the really skinny jeans. I have been spoiled with skinny jeans and leggins!  I couldn't bear to wear them. So I remebered my gc to this dept store, and saw on line they were having a sale, and they carried a pair of skinny leg maternity jeans. I called and had the salesclerk hold me a pair. She could only find a small which I knew would be too large.  I was praying that she missed the XS somehwere on the rack, and low and behold, on my lunch, yes, one pair of XS skinny maternity jeans in dark wash, one pair, mind you. I almost got down on my knees there in thre dept store and said an "Alleluia!"  Of course I didn't, but I did take a moment in the car to thank the Lord for this find.  I am not loving loving them, bc well they are maternity jeans, so you feel like a heffer anyway, and they are not high jean quality material, obviously (we live in a town where the maternity options are very very very limited--So, I am lucky and thankful to have what we have).  I swear I should open a cute maternity store for preggers, if I could only finance it. And, an adorable baby section in the back, with Beautiful baby photos and preggers photos adorning the walls....ahhhhh, and call it "Kitschy, Kitschy Coo! " A girl can dream can't she??? 

So, without further ado, say hello to my skinny maternity jeans...

They look way better on her than me, might be the shortness or the muscular legs, her legs are quite long and slender, but I was quite proud to have found them today, and showed them to all the girls at work.  Wish I could get some new tops too, but happy just to have these for now. Thank you Lord!