Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beautiful Baby Contest!!!

Hey y'all-

I will post this everyday this week, prob;)

Josh and I entered Nikolina into a Beautiful Baby Contest with 107.7 The Bull on Facebook, a local radio station in our home town.  To vote, you have to "like" the radio station by "liking" a wall post somewhere on the home page, then scroll the left sidebar where the baby photos are, click Baby Idol Round 7, then click Nik's photo, and "like" her photo to cast your vote.

We sure would appreciate your votes. Tell anyone and everyone you want, not kidding, or blog about it !!  A couple of the other kids have a steep lead on her, apparently no one in my family understands facebook, ha!

I just know our little muffin would love to win, and she'd be the cutest country radio station contest winner Ever!!

Here is the link to the station 107.7 The Bull.

Thanks so much!!  Love ya, The Garretts XOXO

Nik Update: Nik and I chased a rabbit around yesterday afternoon all around the house, and the neighbors house. I felt like we were in Alice in Wonderland, ha!  It was too cute. I kept expecting to fall into a large hole. Hey if Johnny Depp's at the other end of it, wouldn't be that bad, ha ha!  But that Queen is too mean, scary!

By the Way, loved this movie!!  Go rent it if you haven't see it!!

Loved it!!  I will have to by it, I wanted to watch it over and over again!  I LOVE Jennifer Anniston and Gerald Butler is one of my absolute favs!!  The best part about him is that he isactually a great guy in real life!