Friday, March 27, 2009

40 Weeks...

We reached the 40 Week mark yesterday, the due date is tomorrow. But, I have a feeling that this little peanut is not quite ready to meet the world yet-still has some cooking to do. I have been experiencing the Braxton Hicks Contractions, but I don't feel that they are strong and consistent enough to be nearing the real thing. Josh has put my mother-in-law (Nana) on "baby watch" when he is out of town. He thinks that I will try and drive myself to the hospital when I go into labor. He may be warranted in his concern (I am a highly independent person). Although since they suggest these days that you not come to the hospital until your contractions are 5-7 minutes apart consistently, I'm sure I will be in no condition to drive by that point. This is our first delivery, so I'm not sure how my body will react to the contractions.

Everyone at work is surprised to see me every day that I am at work. They keep expecting me to not be here, and then to hear the good news that Baby Garrett has finally arrived! There were several preggers in my department, but I believe I am the last one left! I have slowed down on the "nesting instinct," although to hear it from my husband, 'I never stop moving.' I am trying to rest up for the big day, although I can't get myself to sleep early enough. There just isn't enough time in the day! I am tired more recently. Wait till we have a little one at home, and I have to go back to work-I will probably never sleep, and walk around like an un-dead zombie. It's hard to believe that soon we will have a new little person in our lives every day! I'm sure when this little miracle arrives, we will wonder what we ever did with our time!

I am going to pick up Baby Garrett's swing today, and am so excited (after paying some bills)! We received some gift certificates, and a 10% off coupon in the mail. I had considered it a luxury item, and thought maybe we should do without it, and try and come across a used one, but we have decided that this little peanut will love it it, and it will be a valuable investment. Since we didn't find out the sex, I had considered a couple options. I really liked the new "Zen" Collection by Fisher price, but it is a little high in price range. I sort of fell in love w/this one , and it's available at our local store. It's a little off of our color scheme, but it is so soft and cuddly, I can just see Baby Garrett snuggled up in it. I can't wait!!!

It's "pizza night" tonight which is my husband's favorite day of the week! Hopefully followed up w/a movie, some snuggle time on the couch, and our black Lab "Diez" at our feet.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hooray for tinylove. Baby Garrett's "Tiny Love "mobile arrived yesterday, and I couldn't wait to go pick it up! I was introduced to this mobile at a local shop, and at first, when the salesperson showed it to me, I though she was crazy!!! She was asking me if I had picked out a mobile yet, and I had considered purchasing the mobile that coordinated w/our Cocalo "Bali" crib bedding, but had not made a decision yet. She had been a little pushy so far, so I wasn't that enthusiastic about the mobile to begin with. I looked at it, and thought, that is absolutely the ugliest thing that I have ever seen in my life, this lady is nuts! Why in the world would I want to hang that monstrosity about my angel's crib. But, a few days after visiting the shop, I got to thinking about the mobile, so I looked up the maker of the mobile on line, and discovered that although it is strange looking, it was one of the top rated mobiles for development. It helps children develop their senses, object permanence, fine motor skills, cognition, EQ, language and communication. Other moms, also gave it rave reviews! I thought, well, it's not the prettiest thing to look at it, but if it the best mobile for our little peanut, that is what I am going to above his/her crib. Diesel (our black lab) was very intrigued by it-don't know if that's good or bad. So, now it has it's rightful place in the baby room, and I can't wait to introduce Baby Garrett to the mobile. I hope he/she loves it. I have yet to determine what one of the "farm animals" is. It appears it is a goat or a yak or something-it's hilarious. My mother is worried that baby Garrett will be terrified of the thing!!!

Rave reviews for "Confessions of a Shopaholic"-based off the book by Sophie Kinsella. My mother and I went to see the movie last night, and absolutely loved it!!! It was adorable, and Isla Fisher did a fantastic job, and did 'Rebecca Bloomwood' justice. She was quite magnetic and captivating-you can't not like this girl. You will "fall in love" with her and the character. My mom and I are hoping they make more of Sophie's books into movies. We would love to see this one followed up by "Shopaholic Ties the Knot" and "Shopaholic and Baby" (obviously!). We also really loved "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan" and "The Undomestic Goddes."

Baby Update:
The braxton hicks contractions are getting stronger, and this leads me to think that the baby is coming every time they start, and I get a little thrill, and a little anxious about delivery, then they subside. I am glad to have this time to share w/Josh, and know that baby Garrett will arrive when he/she is ready and/or God is willing. I've realized this is such a guessing game...I will never know when this little one is coming until he/she is really coming. I feel like there is still so much left to do to prepare/get ready (and we've covered all the bases), and not enough time left to do it in. I think with the arrival undetermined, and all this anticipation, I am just coming up with things that need to be done or redone for that matter. Kind of like planning a wedding, but there is a set date. With delivery, you never know when it's coming...Josh, family, and friends, have taken to contacting me around the clock to see how Baby Garrett and I are doing, or if there is any progress. I'm so lucky and blessed. But, I'm a little worried, I'm going to wear everyone out waiting for this little peanut!!! When are you coming little one, we are waiting...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I wanted to give a special "Happy Birthday" to my oldest brother Todd. It is his birthday today, and I wish that I could be with him-my brother, sister-in-law, and 4 year old niece, live in Orland Park, IL. Hope you have a good birthday brother! Enjoy some good food, friends, and a beer! Wishing you a year filled with love, joy, adventure, and challenges. Can't wait to see you when this little peanut arrives (you get to keep your birthday all to yourself-this little peanut is still cooking)! I wish it had been a little nicer today, so you could have gone golfing on your birthday! Soon enough.

Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you on your special day! :)

Love you.

Lindsay XOXO
No change yet. I was feeling the braxton hicks contractions pretty strong, and consistently yesterday afternoon, and I have to admit, got a little excited thinking that maybe they were real contractions. I thought maybe I would be on my way to the hospital sometime late last night or early this morning. But, they slowed down throughout the night, and I realized that baby Garrett was not quite ready yet to meet the world.

Josh and I were invited to our neighbors house for French Onion Soup and Chocolate Cake last night (for the second time that day, I know baby Garrett was loving it!!) Andy (Andrea) did a great job, and the soup, which is one of my favorites, was scrumptious!!! With yummy cheesy bread. Little Aubrey got to feel the baby move and kick, and she thinks that we should call the baby "Coco." We had a good time talking and laughing with friends and neighbors, sharing conversation and stories. We headed home, where I cleaned again (when is this little peanut coming?, I can only clean the house so many times!!) Then my hubby and I watched a scary movie snuggled up on the couch. It was a good day.

Josh is in St. Louis today, working hard for this little peanut and I (he asked if I thought I was going to go into labor today before he would leave, how cute:) so mom and I are headed out for a 'girl's night out' (before this peanut is here) to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic," the movie based off of one of our favorite authors, Sophie Kinsella. We absolutely adore her books. My mom and I often trade books we love back and forth, and we have done that with all of Sophie's books. I, myself, am a fan of Isla Fisher, so I am looking forward to this movie for many reasons.

Just waiting for this little peanut...I keep repacking our bags, re-organizing the baby room, and re-cleaning the house. Just waiting...Looking forward to a cocktail, a slightly smaller tummy too, and a change in clothes! I know Josh is ready to not get kicked anymore in bed by this little fire cracker!

Will keep you updated!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Any day now...
the doctor says. Progress about the same since last week. 2 cm dialated and 80% effaced. Other good news, the doctor thinks that I will have a smooth delivery, which is really good news to hear. I am taking her at her word, and holding it to her! She did ask if I was going to try and deliver "naturally." Ha. I would love to say that I thought that I could handle that, but I am not to proud to say that I will gladly accept the help of an epiderual! I must say I am ready for this little peanut to come out and meet everyone. There are so many people ready to love him/her. I can't wait to welcome baby Garrett to this wonderful place!

My team threw me a surprise food day today. I came back from the doctor's office and there was a table set up w/paper ribbon, balloons, a baby table cloth and baby confetti(little baby bottles, umbrellas, and tiny little feet!!!) I was so surprised and so humbled by their generousity and kindness. The food was wonderfully yummy, and baby Garrett loved it too (he/she was doing a little dance inside my tummy!) :) The chocolate cake was too die for, very rich, and just perfect! Followed by an adorable card, kind words, well wishes, and a gift certificate to Babies R Us, that is going straight towards Baby Garrett's Swing!!! I can't wait for little Baby Garrett to go for a swing! He/She will love it!!

I have been feeling the contractions more and stronger lately. I hope that's a sign that he/she is coming soon. I have been trying to take a short walk every day. Although I can't get very far w/out feeling like I have to go potty, which is uncomfortable. And the cramps too. My good friend suggested jambalaya:). I have had that twice, without much luck. She also suggested Rasberry leaf tea, so I may try that next. :)

I will keep you updated w/any progress or news. Say a prayer for a safe delivery of Baby Garrett and for me too!!! I'll need it! And for Josh, bless his heart, for supporting me the whole pregnancy. And, I'm sure he'll need some props for after!

Monday, March 23, 2009

39 Weeks!!! And Couting...

Everyone is wagering as to when this little peanut is going to come and out and meet everyone. Early last week, I felt like I was going to pop, and my dear friend, Kim, was sure that I was going to go in the next few days, but so far this little one is still quite comfy in my belly, abdomen, pelvis, and ribs! I am thinking that maybe this little pumpkin may stay in my belly past his/her due date! I am 2 cm dialated and 70% effaced. I have been experiencing the braxton hicks contractions, but so far they are still unpredictable and not consistent. Similar to menstral cramps in feeling. I have my "40 Week" check-up tomorrow, so we'll see if there is any change.:) The Due Date is set for Saturday march 28. I will keep you informed w/any news from the Doctor tomorrow.

Love to all, Lindsay XOXO