Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So, over the Summer, Nik and I were at the Toy Store, and while in line waiting to check out, Nik saw a Display of these Sing-A-Ma-Jigs, and she was reaching and pointing to see one. It was the first time I had ever seen them, and Nik was enthralled with it. It was kind of creepy and strange to me, but she LOVED it!  I let her hold it, and she wouldn't let it go. We ended up having to purchase it because she wouldn't let us leave without it.  I figured I would just confiscate it during nap, and take it back at a later date. She loved it, but it was $11 or $13 dollars, and that was way more than we could spend on this bizzare toy!

I showed it to the hubs, and he thought it was very cool but also very strange.  I wrapped it in the bag, and hid it.  She forgot. It later ended up in her closet till I could return it. The other day when I was cleaning Nik's closet and putting away clothes that didn't fit anymore (which I am happy to say is all done. The only clothes hanging in her closet now are a few dresses from when she was little that I didn't want to fold, a couple for now, and a couple dresses/coats for the future), I found it. At this point, I figured, I would just keep it, and put it in her stocking. I had no idea that these things were the HIT ITEM for Christmas!  How cool!

They remind me of Alvin and the Chimpmunks and sound like them too!  They all sound a little different.  They also harmonize when you put them together, which I though was pretty cool.  I hope Nik is excited to find it in her stocking, though I'm sure I am going to regret giving her this thing as I can still hear it now in my head months later.  It may have to mysteriously disappear and reappear from time to time just to give Mom a break, ha!