Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top Two Dream Jobs.

Top Two hosted by Taylor at Jimmy Choos and A Baby Too!! 

You can see Taylor's Top Two picks of the week, and many other Mommas Here:http://benandtay.blogspot.com/!!

1. Okay, so this is easy!!  My #1. DREAM JOB is to be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom)!!  Every little girl plays with her babies, as a little girl.  Bathes them, feeds them, changes them, and pushes them around in their little buggies.  We want to be mommies, we want to be just like Mommy.  It's innate in us to want to nuture, protect, provide, and give of ourselves.  And the rewards are HUGE!! 

I thought  nothing could top our wedding day, than we found out we were pregnant, and even before that moment, when we suspected we might be pregnant, I loved that little life that might be growing inside me.  When we discovered it was true, from that moment, I had a wave of love wash over me, and I knew that I would do anything for that little life growing inside me, and that I could love nothing else like him/her.  Most people upon the birth of your child say, "You're a Mommy now!"  But, really your're a Mommy from the moment you discover that little life is growing inside of you. 

I LOVED being pregnant and felt like there was nothing else in the WORLD like carrying a child, experiencing a child growing inside of you, nuturing, feeding that child, protecting that child.  And, I would want nothing more than to be pregnant all the time, and have babe after babe, and have a whole house FULL of little Garretts.  That is my dream!!  And, I would try and be the BEST Stay at Home Mommy, cooking great meals, baking cookies all the time, making home-made baby food, and using cloth diapers.  I think I might even learn to sew!  Ha!  And as my Hubby says, I would have to handle all the financial aspects of the house, and be our little Accountant. 

I would LOVE that.  To have children crawling all over me, even screaming and yelling, and going absolutely CRAZY all over the place, and I would LOVE to capture it all on film, and be a REALLY GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER, which...leads me to...

2. Professional Photographer.  I have to say, I really have THREE DREAM JOBS, becuase while I would like nothing more (after SAHM) to be a professional photographer, that dream is more for our family &and friends, than the general public.  I REALLY want to be able to capture some beautiful shots throughout our families lives, images that will stand the length of time, and be passed on from generation to generationa treasured for years to come  I mean, it really is the one thing to me, that stands the test of time.  And, to be able to give that gift to future children's children, and families realitives and children, to me, I think that would be an AMAZING legacy and gift that I could bestow upon future generations. To awe, inspire, and to give that gift.

But, while I would love to be a professional photographer, I'm not sure that I woudl want tio meet the demands that that entails.  Editing, etc, is a very time involved process, and while you can outsource that to someone, I'm just not really sure how I would feel about that, though I have considered it.  But, to me, is it still your finished art, your masterpiece, if someone else edits it?  I'm sure most photographers get over that aspect, bc how coudl they possibly edit every single photo themselves and do all the photography sessions they complete. 

Also, Photography is life, and life happens every day, every moment.  And, as with Real Estate, which I had my hand in a little, to make any money as a phtoogrpaher, you have to be flexible, and be available for sessions to gain clientele and be successful monetarily.  And, I'm just not sure that I want to be rushign off to photography sessions every hour of the day, all day, all week. 

So, maybe my dream is to be a REALLY TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER for my family and friends, but not to necessarily make it a career.  At least not, a very demanding, all consuming career. 

Which leads me to say, I HAVE to at least mention this as it has been my DREAM since I was a little girl, and that is to own my own store.  My mother always wanted it, and among the many things I used to "play" when I was a child, "Shop Owner" was one of them.  I used to pretend I owned a Stationary Store (as I had lots of Stationary) and I LOVED girly things.  Then for years, I wanted a girly store with all kinds of Knick Knacks (is what I call them), but really it's more like a Ritzy Home Goods type of store, with Decorations for your home, and stationary, etc. 

Now, my DREAM is to have my own BABY STORE, with Ritzy Baby Clothes, all things Baby.  As a shop owner, you can work when you want, and still be involved, but you have flexibility and are not tied to anything or anyone.  But, I could still come in and work when I wanted, or needed it for myself, and be surrounded by BABIES and all things BABY.  And, yes, there were probably be some HIGHLY overpriced fru fru baby stuff in there, but I would also try and have either really good sales, or have some items such as Mud Pie clothing that is fairly priced! 

Any other Moms feel teh same way??!!  Who wouldn't LOVE to be surrounded by Cute Babes, New Mommies, and TONS of ADORABLE BABY GOODS!!