Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Baby It WAS Cold Outside..."

"Hey Mom, Where Did Winter Go??!!"
"You mean no more days of you taking me out half naked into the cold snow to get photos?!"
"My little toes don't have to be cold anymore?"
"No more bribing me with sippy cups to keep me occupied while you take pictures of me in the snow in the WAY too cold temperatures for an 11 month old (and you STILL didn't get the shots you wanted because your mommy guilt kicked in and you felt bad for putting me out in the cold and had to bring me in before my little tootsies froze)?!"
"But first you bribed me again with Animal Crackers?!"
"And Toys?!"
"You mean, that's the last of Winter and these little piggies can crawl and walk through soft grass and dirt now?!"
"So Long, Winter!!"