Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Movie Wednesday.

Our internet has been down.  Too be honest, I don't know what the issue is. Only the hubs knows, and I imagine it won't be fixed until he gets around to fixing it, which may be never, ha!  So, if you hear from me, I am at work, which I'm not suppossed to do, shhhhhhh......So, I won't have any pics to share till it gets resolved, but we did watch three movies recently, that I enjoyed that I thought I'd share with ya'll. here's the first one, I share the others later this week.

I know many people are obsessed with Robert Pattinson from the Twilight Series. I was kinda iffy on that. I thought his character was a little whishy-washy, a tad helpless and kind of whiney.  (Calm down, Twilight fans, Don't get me wrong I LOVED the movies, I just didn't like how helpless they made Edward and Bella.  I have to reason that it has something to do with being a teenager and being in love, but I like strong characters. I have not seen Eclipse, so noone tell me about it).

But, I will tell you that this movie definently has me more enthralled with Robert. I was hesitant to rent this movie because of my hesitation with him, and also because it kind of seemed like he was just banking on his success of the Twilight series. To be honest, I thought it might be kind of sappy, and overly self-involved.  But, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. If you don't think that his character in the twilight series warrants an oscar nod, this def warrants something.  I think twice got a cheese factor in terms of his acting performance, but every other moment was surprisingly, well, for lack of better words, surprising. I definently have a higher opinion of him as an actor, and I throughoughly enjoyed the movie. 

The movie was well acted and a great cast.  I had not heard anything about this movie, and there was a surprise in the end for me. The end leads you towards something, but I had not expected this ending. I would highly suggest if you don't know anything about it, try to keep it that way before watching it, it's much better that way. My hubs was out of town the night I watched it, and I kept it for him to watch, and I wanted to tell him so bad, but I held my breath. And he was surprised to, and glad that I
didn't tell him bc he was surprised as well.

Emilie De Raven was delightfully refreshing as well, Chris Cooper, was great, I keep forgetting what a great actor he is, and Perce Brosnan, who I must say sometimes I am mixed on, was subtly wonderful in this role. I think he's getting better in his old age, or either he's picking characters with more depth.

Def a must see. Watch with your significant other if you can.
Maybe a date night in the middle of the week.