Friday, December 3, 2010


This a picture a Nik from last year with the Santa at Macy's in Chicago. I would love to take Nik back here to see Santa. They really have a fabulous imitation of the North Pole and Santa's Magical Workshop set up within the old Marshall Fields Building. Then, you are led back by an Elf through a winding corridor to a secret room with a fireplace, stockings, a Christmas Tree, and Santa in a Big Chair. It's really fabulous!  My sister-in-law met us there last year.  You are alone with Santa, and you can take your own pictures, or purchase one as well. But, I think we waited for two hours on a Weekday, so I can't imagine the wait on a Weekend!  They should probably just make appointments.  My workplace has Santa Sittings, but you haev to make an appointment, and the Cut off was ridiculously early, like the end of October, and who's thinking about that at that time?  So, we missed it.

Also, as you can see. Nikolina is not crazy about Santa. It was her first time meeting him here. I gave her to him, and first she just looked at him (which the photographer snapped a shot of, a really adorable picture), and everything seemed alright, then all of a sudden she burst out into these tears. Obviously, we didn't torture her, and we took her back.  We felt bad making her wait all that time, and then she obviously was not comfortable.  We though about purchasing the one of her crying instead because it was kinda of indicitive of the moment, but we deicided on the one of them looking at each other, which is really sweet! 

So, this year, I was bound to let her LOVE Santa. I have been reading her books about Santa.  Putting Santas up in the House, Santa ornaments, Saanta movies. We taught her to say "Ho, Ho, Ho." And she seemed to love him. She gets excited when we read the books and wants to skip to the last page where Santa is, whenver she sees the Santa in the house, she walks past, and says "Ho, Ho, Ho."  So, a few weeks ago, I thought she was ready. Our town was having free carriage rides with Santa, and we headed over there to meet the Big Guy. We only had to wait through two families, and then we were next. Nik was very excited to see the horsee, and ride on the buggy and we talked about Santa. When our turn came, I tried to lift her up onto the carriage, and she was not having it. She started crying and wiggling away, trying to escape.  I thoought she would settle down, so we went ahead on, and we tried to introduce her to Santa, and Santa talked with her, but she was not thrilled. Another girl and her mom shared the ride with us as well, but that did not help. She eventually did calm down, but she was definently afraid of Santa, and maybe the whole thing.

I don't know what it is with Santa and children. He's so jolly, what's the deal?  Kids are always screaming. Maybe it's because he's a stranger, and you;re throwing them on his lap, I don't know. I think I may try once more this year with a local Santa, since we may not get up to Chicago again this year!  But, it's so expensive! Crazy expensive.  Maybe children have to be older to really understand, grasp, and love Santa. When I was little, my mom said, I would always cry around people with white hair, so maybe that's what it is for her too. Who knows.  She's loving the Christmas Carols at Church, so I guess that's all that matters. I hope soon, she will grom to LOVE Santa.

Anyone else's child(ren) the same way with Santa? 

This was the magical Fairy/Princess at the Restaurant in Macys. She and Nikolina became fast friends. She sprinkled Fairy Dust on her, and sang to her. It was so cute, and we had dinner around the "Traditional Marshall Fields Tree."  I would love to take her back there, now that she's a year older. I think she'd love it!

And, a pic of Nik with Daddy at my Brother and Sisiter-in-Law's house on Christmas last year.  Wish I had gotten one of the two of us, but you know how Holidays go...

Hope ya'll have a Great Weekend!