Monday, March 15, 2010


This past weekend. I threw a 30th Surprise Birthday Party for my hubs.  It was a smashing success and everyone had a Marvelous time!!  We took a few photos, but I just took them with my point and shoot, so I have nothing fancy to show you.  I really wanted to take some marvelous photos, but it was hard enough for me to fanagle a surprise birthday party for my very intuitive, investigative husband and have it be a complete surprise to him (which it was) to handle the details, and to keep a very tired, very fussy 11 month old up way past her bedtime content through the end of the party.  I was exhausted by the time the party rolled around!!

We had it at a local eatery, and they did a fantastic job!  The food and the service was absolutely fabulous!  Good wine, salad, bread, pasta, italian beef sandwhiches, gelato ice cream, desserts, lemon chello, and espresso.  I made a three layer Italian Creme Cake that everyone said turned out fabulous, (although I was so full, I didn't eat any!)

I was dying to tell you all about it, but in case my hubs read my blog, I had to keep it a secret down to the very last minute!  I literally picked my hubby up at his office minutes before the party (with the ruse that I had arranged an intimate dinner for the three of us)...I had to...otherwise he would have suspected! 

Afterwards, we had a party bus us for our ride downtown for cocktails afterwards at two fabulous local establishments.  Although my camera battery died right after dinner (of all the times not to document an occasion...)!  I will try and upload a couple pics tonight or tomorrow.  I have never thrown a surprise party for anyone, and my husband always told me that I would never be able to throw a surprise party for him bc he's too clever (Ha! Gotcha pooks!)

30 is considered one of those "Over the Hill" marks (along with 40, 50, and 60) and so I got him an huge infaltable walker, a cane with all these little old folk gadgets, huge reading glasses that look like Harry Carry glasses, a Birthday hat, and a Hearing cone.  Along with Big balloons, confetti, and 30th Birthday signs.  Mimi and Papa (my parents) watched the pumpkin for us for the rest of the evening, and we had a wonderful night of cocktails, good conversation, and fun, all to ourselves and family!

My mother-in-law made us a huge breakfast the next morning, and then we all attended my niece's play at her school, and she was absolutely, hands down the best one in the play, the most animated, the only one we could actually hear on the stage, and the most beautiful!!  I was floored at how magnificent she was.  I always think that child (young woman) can never surprise me anymore with how truly amazing she is, and yet, she always does!

The pumpkin was thoroughly exhausted after a long weekend, and a time change, and went to bed a little early. My hubs and I watched a movie together last night and shared some yummy buttery popcorn, a snuggle, and some yummy chocolate eggs.

Tomorrow is my hubs actual 30th Birthday, and I am making what is supposed to be "The Best Chocolate Cake" ever.  We'll see...

And Wednesday is St. Patty's Day!!  And then the Pumpkin's 1st Birthday is next!  Can't wait!