Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st day School and Pevonia Giveaway.

Remeber how I told you, we were going to do a pre-1st Day school pic in case we didn't have time this morning. Yeah, flying out the door this morning, literally. Tried to grab one quick one before we left. I throw her back pack on, and hand her her lunchbox, she decided to also grab her purse (Hello, Baglady!), and as she is stepping out the door, I am ready to snap this perfect pic, and MY MEMORY CARD IS FULL!!!  The rest is history, but, I snapped this quick one before we left flying out the driveway for our 1st day of Preschool.

I tried to take a couple pics when we got home, but that didn't pan out either. Never do when you plan on them, ha!  Nik had a GREAT 1st day! She was a HIT! when we arrived at Daycare. All the big kids that are dropped off at school in the morning crowded around her when she got there. Asking about her outfit, and her hair, and her lunchbox and her backpack.  She was a huge success!  The hit of the day!  All the moms loved her too!  I think it has a lot to do with her FAB "My Vintage Baby" outfit that we won on Tay's blog!   And we shared the snacks she packed with some of the other kids. 

Hey great segway.
Speaking of giveaways, Tay at The Undomestic Momma is hosting another giveaway,

a Pevonia Giveaway!!

I am one of those people who wishes that she had the opportunity and the means to take really good care of her skin.  I wish I could be more pro-active with skin care so that I could feel and look better in the years to come.  We can't reverse aging, and I am ready to embrace getting older, but I would feel better about myself if I was more pro-active and aware of how I might preempt some unnecessary skin issues.  I want to embrace getting older, but I want to feel better about it by knowing that I am taking the best possible care of my skin and body. I have always gazed longingly at the counters at the department stores and wished that I had the means to buy up all their products. And, I'm sure that by giving up some other things, I could probably swing it, but let's face it, skin products are definently on the higher end.  They are not a luxury that most people can purchase flippantly. 

I would LOVE to win this giveaway, just so I could know if these products do really leave your skin glowing and radiant.  I think it would leaving me feeling better about my skin, and therefore my whole body.  It would leave me more educated on the skin care line front so that I could become more aware of my own skin and how to take the best possible care of it. We only get one body, one life.  We should def treasure it.

I would definently pick the age-defying cream shown here:

See the details and how to enter HERE!!!

Have You Met Monkey?

He's been hanging around here lately...
In case you hadn't noticed...
It might be the bananas...
Or maybe the company...
Could be the juice...
He really is a fine fellow.
You should really meet him sometime...
We like him quite a lot.

My father ("Papa") bought this monkey for my niece a few years ago. My brother and sister-in-law told her to leave the monkey at Mimi and Papa's house to keep there.  I actually think she may have taken a pink one home:)  So, when I was pregnant, I snatched it up, and laid him on top of the curtain rods in the nursery, like he was just hanging-around.  Nik has always noticed him, but the other day, she pulled me into the nursery and pointed, and said, "unh, unh." and I determined we should take him down for some love. His little hands velcro together, so he can hang/attach to things. I often attach him to Nik like a back-pack, she loves it.  She likes to snap and un-snap his hands. She hugs & and kisses him, feeds him, gives him drinks, yesterday, she tried to take him into the shower for a bath, then into the sink and then she tried to put lotion on him. The other day, she pulled the changing pad down off the dresser, and put him on it to change his diaper.

I have to tell you what Nik did yesterday.  Yesterday, I was reading Nik a story before bed in the Family/Living Room. Lately, Nik has wanted to read her stories before bed there (I think she feels like she is nto really going to bed if we do this).  So, she was sitting her Big Girl Polka-dot chair and I was on the floor getting ready to read to her. She started signing "baby" to me, and I just smiled, nodded my head, and said, "yes, baby."  I couldnt figure out why she was signing baby to me.  I asked her if she wanted her baby, and she just kept signing baby.  I wondered if she was getting her signs confused. Then she pointed to our framed pictures on the table, where we have a picture of Josh and I coming home from the hospital, and she signed "baby" again.  I was just so amazed at this, she surprises me every day how unbelieveably smart she is and how quick she picks up on things.  I gave her a big hug, and I said, animatedly, "Yes, Yes, that is a baby that Mommy is holding. That is you, baby Nikolina," and I signed baby.  I was simply amazed that she looked at that and knew, that I was holding a baby and she wanted me to know she knew.  She then proceeded to want to hold the picture and kiss and hug it. Then she wanted all the other pictures on the table with her in the chair. So, here she was sitting in the chair with all these picture frames around her, while I read her her bedtime story.  I thought that was too cute.