Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Night:Pizza and a Movie!

 Josh likes to have Friday night be Pizza night!  I don't object because after working all week, cleaning the house, and taking care of the pumpkin, I could use a break from planning and preparing a meal!  Who could possibly object to pizza!

We usually rent a movie, ahhh!!! I LOVE movies!!

I rented this one the other night for "Girls Night" with Nik when Daddy was out  of town.  I LOVED it!  I think it went straight to video, but it's so sweet!  The first time I saw it, I wanted to rent it, but I kept putting it off fearing it would be dissapointing.  Well, the romantic movie lover in me gave in, and I must say, I am so glad it did!  It was quirky and cheesy at times, but so much heart, and suprisingly funny as well!  Josh Duhamel is fabuous and adorable in it and Kristin Bell is nearly capable of resembling the likes of Jennifer Aniston in "Picture Perfect."  I loved it, and wanted to watch it over again!  The cast includes Angelica Houston, Danny Devito, Dax Shepard, Will Arnett, and Jon Heder who all add to the film in their own fabulous way!

You'll walk away in love with Josh Duhamel like you did in "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton."  He's so yummy and scrumptious!

Hope you enjoy!!

 The Beautiful Baby Contest is still going on till Sunday at 12 am.
See the details for voting in my previous log post!! 
Pretty please vote for our little pumpkin to win Beautiful Baby!!!

Click here  to VOTE!!!

Love ya, XOXO

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 16th Month Baby Girl!- My Day Today, Checklist!

Yeah!! "Off to Mimi's house we go!"

Checking on the flowers and tomato plants, look good, check!
Take dolly for stroller ride, check!
Climb on patio chairs, check!
Play on slide and Contemplate throwing a fit...

Still contemplating...
Nope, I'm good, check!
Take a nature walk, check!
Check on the Windmill, ok still there-phew!, check!
Drive Mommies car, check!
Cuddle with silkie and purple tiger in car, check!
Take shoes off before attempting to drive mommies car, check!
Eat a goldfish that escaped from somwhere on my body, check!
Start getting sweaty from playing in Mommies car like a jungle gym, check!
Give Mommy a beautiful smile, Check!

Run naked out of the house and jump up on porch rail, trying to escape putting a diaper and pj's on before bed, check!

Hey y'all- The Beautiful Baby Contest is still going on with our local Country Station 107.7 The BULL. You have to be a member of Facebook to vote. You have to "like" the radio station by "liking" a wall post somehwere on their home page, then scroll the left column where the Baby Photos are, select the "Baby Idol Round 7" link, select Nik's picture, and "like" Nik's picture to cast a vote!!

We sure could use your vote, some of the other kids have a steep lead on the pumpkin!  Tell everyone and anyone you want, blog about it, no seriously.

We'd really appreciate your support!

Thank you so much!!  WE love you all, you're the Best Mom's and Women a Blogger could ever ask for!!

You can vote for me by clicking HERE.

XOXO Nikolina

Happy 16 Months Baby Girl!

More to come Later;)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beautiful Baby Contest!!!

Hey y'all-

I will post this everyday this week, prob;)

Josh and I entered Nikolina into a Beautiful Baby Contest with 107.7 The Bull on Facebook, a local radio station in our home town.  To vote, you have to "like" the radio station by "liking" a wall post somewhere on the home page, then scroll the left sidebar where the baby photos are, click Baby Idol Round 7, then click Nik's photo, and "like" her photo to cast your vote.

We sure would appreciate your votes. Tell anyone and everyone you want, not kidding, or blog about it !!  A couple of the other kids have a steep lead on her, apparently no one in my family understands facebook, ha!

I just know our little muffin would love to win, and she'd be the cutest country radio station contest winner Ever!!

Here is the link to the station 107.7 The Bull.

Thanks so much!!  Love ya, The Garretts XOXO

Nik Update: Nik and I chased a rabbit around yesterday afternoon all around the house, and the neighbors house. I felt like we were in Alice in Wonderland, ha!  It was too cute. I kept expecting to fall into a large hole. Hey if Johnny Depp's at the other end of it, wouldn't be that bad, ha ha!  But that Queen is too mean, scary!

By the Way, loved this movie!!  Go rent it if you haven't see it!!

Loved it!!  I will have to by it, I wanted to watch it over and over again!  I LOVE Jennifer Anniston and Gerald Butler is one of my absolute favs!!  The best part about him is that he isactually a great guy in real life! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!!!

Top Two Tuesdays is hosted by Taylor at The Undomestic Mama!!!  You can see Taylor's and many other Mama's Top Two pics HERE!!!.

Today's Top Two pics is Your Top Two Favorite Perfumes!!!
I must say that I am a creature of habit. I LOVE perfume, especially sexy sexy perfume, but I never get around to buying it too much. It is one of those things that I LOVE but just never takes a top priority. Let's face it, after you have children, nothing for you take top priority, HA! 

But, a good perfume always makes me feel extra sexy, beautiful, attractive, and desired. Especially, when someone comments on it, most of all the hubs.

These are my favs, but I have not been loving them so much in the summer. I think maybe they are more fall/winter perfumes.  So, I will be excited to see what you all pick. Maybe I might get some great ideas!


Okay, I cannot find exactly which Vickie Secret Perfume I have online, but it is in a frosty purple bottle, with a velvet purple bow.  I get so many complimets  on it, and it smells heavenly.  And of course, nothing makes you feel sexier than wearing Victoria's Secret.  The shop just oozes sensuality.

I love this perfume, and I get lots of compliments on it. I have also heard that the Valentino perfume with the little fan is fabulous too!

Taylor's is hosting a give away today, one that I am VERY EXCITED about!!  I am LOVING this website My Vintage Baby!!


It was very hard to decide, but I think my FAV outfit is the one Lil Miss is wearing and the one pictured here

This website has fabulous clothes, and from what Taylor said, they sound absolutely beautful!!  There really is a difference between good designer quality clothes and well, less quality desiger clothes!!
You can feel it in the quality of the stich of the fabric and the weight of the fabric!!
I would LOVE the little pumpkin to be able to romp around in one of these beautiful designs!!! 
She's be the Talk of the Town!!!


We entered NIk in a Beautiful Baby Contest with our local Radio Statio, 107.7 The Bull on Facebook. Please vote for her.  The Contest runs thru Sunday. 

To vote, you have to be a member of Facebook.  You can vote for her by becoming a fan of the radio station, and "liking" the radio station by "liking" a post on the page. Then you can vote for her by clicking on her photo and "liking" her photo. She is in Round 7, at the bottom of the page in black and white. This is her photo!! 

Please, please, please vote for her!!!  I would be the happiest Mommy around if she could be "The Beautiful Baby" winner!  Tell everyone you want or blog about it, please, please, please!!! 

There is a post about it and link below!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful Baby Contest!!!

We entered our Nik in a contest at a local Radio Station in our home town.  Actually, it's the only station I listen to EVER in my car, 107.7 THE BULL!!  They play the best country and a great mix of new and old music!  Big D and Bubba in the morning always make the ride to work that much better-they always make me smile and laugh!  Nik loves to dance and sing in her car seat with me. She loves Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldeen, Gretchen Wilson, Martina McBride, George Strait to name a few, just like Mommy.  She sure is a country girl, she just grew up in the Midwest!

You can vote for her by, Facebooking (you have to be a member) 107.7 The Bull, "liking" the radio station, and then if you scroll down, the left sidebar has the rounds of voting for the contest. Nik is in the last round, Round 7, at the bottom of the page.  You vote by "liking" her photo.

I entered her in a little late, and so she's running behind...;( I think you can vote everyday.  She sure would love your support;) So would I, pretty please!!!!;) XOXO

You can vote HERE!!!

Nik Update: Nik is SO into learning lately!!  She is loving learning the names and sounds of all the animals/objects in her  picture books. She is adapting to sign language so quickly and already knows, milk, more, finished, tired, change, butterfly, shark, aligator/crocodile, bug, tiger, book and balloon.

She will bring her book to me, and sign what she knows. I have to say it is such a relief that we can communicate on some level, as she has been extra fussy lately because she is so close to talking, but she just is not quite there yet. I know she is taking it all in though. She understands what we say bc she does exactly what we say when we say something or direct her somewhere.  She has so much she wants to say, but I'm afraid that at this point most of it comes out in jabber, shrieks, grunts, screams, and frustrated pointing, reaching, and gestures. 

I can't wait for her to take all these steps, I LOVE every minute, and just want to soak as much of it in as I can.  It's so hard to be away from her, I miss her terribly;)

Today we caught a couple bugs in a bug catcher, and she signed bug, it was so cute!  She was loving it!

And she shoved two huge chicken nuggets in her mouth at dinner and walked around that way for about 10 minutes, until they crumpled into nothing, ha!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I scream, You scream...

We all scream for Ice cream!!!

    and cheetos???

 Happy 3rd Birthday Peaches!!!
You've come a looong way little ones, and now you are such BIG little Peaches...can't wait to share this special day with you and cupcakes tooo!!!  I LOVE to see the little individuals that you have become, with such unique, distinct personalities!!!
Love you little ones!!! XOXO