Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday.

Today, I stepped outside, and it is such a beautiful day. There are these wonderful Northwestern? cool winds blowing, and I wanted so desperately to be home with the pumpkin to take a walk and maybe go to the pool, or play in her little pool and sandbox at home.  It supposed to be nice for the rest of the week here, unfortunately, we are in overtime again, and I have to work this Saturday too, boo.

Enjoy your lovies SAHM's. I hope to join you someday, until then, I'll just keep "wishing and hoping, planning, and dreaming..."

I'm also coming down with a cold, the same one that Nik has had twice in the past 2 weeks, probably. Literally came down with it, was fine for several days, and then bam, came down with the same thing, three times as bad s the first time. Love daycare. Love it.  She was up three nights in a row, just coughing, restless all night. My heart was just breaking, and the working mommy guilt kicked in, and then I started beating myself up for having a child when I couldn't afford to stay at home with her, and anyway...internet still not working at home, customers driving me crazy, and co-worker muncing chips in my ear, grrrr.

Taking up running again, trying anyway, just started Monday, so that's two days down, ha. Takes two weeks to create a habit, so here goes nothing. I forgot how good it feels to just run, and run, and run. To set a goal, to push yourself, to feel the fat jiggle off of you, ha. Hope I can stick with it. This is my favorite time to run, late summer, fall, when the nights are cooler.  Love jogging past people's lit homes in the dark, peeking in, wondering what other people are doing.  We're putting off having more children till we get our finances in order and cushion a nest egg, so might as well look phenominal in the mean time. It will give me something to delve into, so here goes nothing.

I found this today and it made me smile....I just love how the little baby is clinging so close to her.  And Mama's saying, "Yeah, I'm old, but I wanted to bring a baby into this world to love, so what!"  Ha, love it!

Too precious.  Hope it makes you smile:)