Friday, September 10, 2010

Date Night!

Hubs and I watched this movie the other night. I have been excited for it to come out, and anticipating it.  I rushed to go get it, when it came out.  LOVE Redbox, can't beat a new release for a dollar, although Hubs and I are going to look into Netflix, I think though, bc Netflix ends up being more economical.

I liked this movie, and I def think it's worth watching. But, I do have to say, be prepared that the action scenes seemed to be a little long and drawn out for a romantic comedy(maybe I was just tired, but I am an action buff anyway, and they just seemed that way to me, although hubs didn't think so, he stated).  The movie didn't get very good reviews if that's something that helps you weigh watching movies or not.  One thing I can say is that the scenery alone, in Nice, France is BEAUTIFUL!!  I wish that the hubs and I could go there one day. The movie opened and you see the country side, and I immediately knew they were in Europe, hubs thought it was Cali. I know my European countryside.

Another point to make about this movie, is 1. I LOVE Katherine Heigl. 2. You kind of forget about Ashton Kutcher as an actor anyway, bc he rarely does movies, but when you see him again, you remember a. that he is a pretty good actor b. that he is really good at comedy and c. that he is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! and so charming. Literally he could charm the socks off you.  That song, "I may be a real bad boy, but baby I'm a real good man," comes to mind.  He has these little boy personality/looks where you just want to tell him to wash his hands before dinner, but at the same time you see him and there's no doubting that he's all man. 

The movie is enjoyable, both actors are enjoyable, they are pretty good together, there were def some funny lines/moments. Some really cute moments.  I also enjoyed Tom Seleck and Catherine O'Hara as Jen's parents  Catherine, as Jen's mother, is a bit of a sophisticated alcoholic, but subtly, and humorously so.

You can watch the Trailer HERE!!!