Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 16th Month Baby Girl!- My Day Today, Checklist!

Yeah!! "Off to Mimi's house we go!"

Checking on the flowers and tomato plants, look good, check!
Take dolly for stroller ride, check!
Climb on patio chairs, check!
Play on slide and Contemplate throwing a fit...

Still contemplating...
Nope, I'm good, check!
Take a nature walk, check!
Check on the Windmill, ok still there-phew!, check!
Drive Mommies car, check!
Cuddle with silkie and purple tiger in car, check!
Take shoes off before attempting to drive mommies car, check!
Eat a goldfish that escaped from somwhere on my body, check!
Start getting sweaty from playing in Mommies car like a jungle gym, check!
Give Mommy a beautiful smile, Check!

Run naked out of the house and jump up on porch rail, trying to escape putting a diaper and pj's on before bed, check!

Hey y'all- The Beautiful Baby Contest is still going on with our local Country Station 107.7 The BULL. You have to be a member of Facebook to vote. You have to "like" the radio station by "liking" a wall post somehwere on their home page, then scroll the left column where the Baby Photos are, select the "Baby Idol Round 7" link, select Nik's picture, and "like" Nik's picture to cast a vote!!

We sure could use your vote, some of the other kids have a steep lead on the pumpkin!  Tell everyone and anyone you want, blog about it, no seriously.

We'd really appreciate your support!

Thank you so much!!  WE love you all, you're the Best Mom's and Women a Blogger could ever ask for!!

You can vote for me by clicking HERE.

XOXO Nikolina

Happy 16 Months Baby Girl!

More to come Later;)