Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Judy at cutest-little-things featured thenester (beautiful blog-and the sign that they gifted her is simply gorgeous!) and her giveaway at dayspring and  I saw this and had to pop over there and leave an entry (Thanks, Judy!!!)~  I LOVE these signs, We have a store in town that carries them, and when I discovered them while I was pregnant with the Pumpkin, I wanted to snatch them all up to adorn her room.  I purchased two quoted picture frames for the Pumpkin's room, but there was another one that I really wanted, but it was priced at 89$ in the store.  So, when I saw this, I popped over and tried to re-create the plaque I saw, and had wanted for the pumpkin's room.  It was hard to decide, as there are so many beautiful plaques, but if I had to chose, this would be it, and I would hang it in the pumpkin's room. 

So, hop on over there and try to win.  These plaques are beautiful, and make great gifts for yourself or someone else!

Ringing in the New Year.

I never posted a pic from our New Years Eve Dinner Date at Medici

The Family

Me and my Pumpkin (sans bow and shoes, no less...she won't keep either on, and usually I just let her be.  I only ever make a fuss with her when we go out, but clearly here, I did not!)

At Breakfast (don't ask where we are, Dad's choice!) the next morning in her Ralph Lauren Sweatsuit (Thanks, Nana!)

Using her Nuk Sippy Cup like a Big Girl!