Thursday, January 7, 2010

Giving Back.

This year was a tough year for a lot of people.  Who knows what lies in store.  Hopefully, well, some hope. This year, both sides of my family opted not to do our usual gift grab bag exchange.  On my husband's side of the family, my husband's youngest sister suggested that we donate some money or time to helping some less fortunate this year instead.  So, we contacted our local Food Pantry/Mission and selected a program where you "Adopt A Meal."  In this program, you buy the food, prepare the meal, and serve it.  There were 8 of us, our 13 year old niece also wanted to help out (and then made a list to give to her school of some of the items that they needed, isn't she such a sweetie??!!).  We all split the cost and for a very little amount (with leftovers and extras), we were able to serve we think somewhere around 40 people.  We had a great time, and we even stayed to wipe the tables down and do the dishes afterwards.  We had to drag my husband out of there before he started mopping the floors)!!(we volunteered December 27th and some of the group were heading back out of town).

My mother and father-in-law also helped us prepare the food and watched our little ones while we volunteered-Thanks Jan and Roger!  It felt really good to give back, and to think that we were helping to make someone's day a little sunnier, a little easier, a little warmer, especially at Christmas time!  Seeing the chidlren's faces really hit home for me.

Becca, Jordan, and Lyds

Me, with My newly engaged Sis-in-Law, Becca (left) and my niece Lydia

My youngest Sis-in-Law, Jordan (Jordie, George)

My self-less husband (who initiated our dish washing:)

My Sister-in-Law, Rachael (Rach-photographer, mother to Four, and creater of )

That's my sister-in-law's (new) fiancee, Dan.  I neglected to blog about it in the rush before Christmas, and bc I was quite sad that I didn't grab a good picture to post.  They were engaged in Chicago December 19th  where they live.  He created a whole special day for the two of them, taking her all around town to significant places they encountered throughout their relationship together, then proposed to her by Lake Michigan with the twinkiling city lights behind them.  Obviously, she said yes!!  And they and family toasted at the Hancock Building in Chicago.  As this is an Adult Setting, Nik and I were still fortunate enough to able to meet the family out later to join in the celebrations for a bit (as my parents were unavailable to watch her that weekend).  But, in all the haste, I didn't grab a photo of the two lovebirds, but hope to post one later for you. 

Congrats, Becca and Dan, and thanks, Dan for volunteering to help and give this weekend, even though you're not "officially family."  Ha, Ha!!  Seriously, we love you, and we couldn't be more ecstatic and thrilled that soon we can officially called you "family" (even though we already refer to you as "Uncle Dan.")  Becca, What a Beautiful Bride you will make!!

We love you both, Congrats!!  Can't wait for the Wedding!!  Becca, my Wedding Book awaits you!