Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Noel.

Nik admiring her First Christmas Tree (outside my belly, of course)!

Nik playing with the tree/ornament for the first time with all the ornaments trimmed on the tree.

An ornament my mother (mimi) gave the pumpkin for her first Christmas.

How much do you love taking pictures of ornaments on Christmas Trees??!!
I love this ornament! It's a large bell that has a bird atop it, one of my favs!

Another one of Josh's ornaments, and the reason for the Season!
An ornament stocking from Josh's first Christmas.
One of the ornaments that Josh's mother gave to us (she gave me a box of Josh's ornaments when we were married). I love to adorn our tree with his ornaments from his childhood!
An ornament that our Niece, Lydia, gave us the first year we were engaged, it is one of my absolute favorite ornaments! It is very special and significant to me, us.
In lieu of a Star or an Angel (as I have not come across either one that I find suitable to adorn our tree, we have a Fairy/Angel)