Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Right on Track.

Nik had her 9 Month Check-Up today.  She turned 9 Months the 29th, but somehow, maybe do to the holidays, the check-up got scheduled a little later.  Nik is right on track with her height and weight, as she's been all along...Height 30 Inches (97%percentile), Weight 22.9 (95%percentile), Head Circumference 17 1/2 (75%percentile-Nik had held steady in the 50th%percentile in this category, but I guess she decided to start uping the game on that % too!).  Dr. Emm says she's doing great and he's very happy with where she's at!

We had just come from having Lunch with Daddy at the Office (I used Family Leave Bonding today:), and Nik held onto Daddy's golf ball the whole way in the car, and into the Doctor's office.  Love you, Daddy!

Nik and I had a great day visiting her Nana, Grandpa, Daddy, Doctor, and we had the chance to run some errands, get some things done at the house, do some grocery shopping, pick up something for Daddy, and we had a VERY FUN TIME using our Gift Certificate to Victoria's Secret and SHOPPING at the Mall.  We had a cafe break at the coffee store, bought a new toy, hat, mittens, fleecee, and winter coat.  Nik even helped me find a great piece at Vickie's that I had missed during my initial run through.  She's such a great shopping partner!!  She's Trouble though, she loves everything!! 
Partners in crime, us girls!!

Shh... I Have a Secret!

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale Going On Now!!

Thanks, Jan (And Rach).