Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Hopes that St. Nicholas Soon Would Be There...

Some pics from Christmas, I'm just now getting uploaded (Christmas in January?!)...

Nik's Stocking

Diesel's Stocking

An ornament ("G") from Williams Sonoma from my mom. It's really a beautifully blown piece of glass, if you can see it in person.

Nik playing with a teether.

A Snowflake from Pottery Barn from my mom.

I just love the way the sun looked as it came through on this photo.

A present for Nik.

I love the bear peeking out behind there.  I love the Idea that some presents can be unwrapped under the tree.  It's so "Santa" (present out of the bag, straight from the toyshop and all that!)

This little dog is a hoot!!  I love Tiny Love!

This pelican speaks French, but not very well (for some reason, is hard to hear)