Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary.

So, I tried to post this yesterday, but Blogger Photo was down.  My sister-in-law emailed the hubs and I this photo over the summer.  It's kind of silly and helter-skelter, but it's one of us I've never seen, which is always kind of like a surprise and a walk through memory lane.  This was taken when we were engaged, but before we were married. I know this because I was going through my spiral hair phase.  Since hubs says I still can't upload photos (which is starting to really bring me down;(, I thought I'd share this one with y'all.

The hubs was out of town Tuesday night and Wednesday on a business trip to Chicago, but we were able to go out for drinks and a nice dinner last night. Then headed to a movie.  I had free movie passes that I won on the radio, but ended up when we got there that they were only good till before 4 pm.  I don't know when I'll ever get to the movies before 4 pm, ha, but we went anyway. I have been wanting to see "The Secretariat."  Hubs wanted to see "Wall Street" (which I kind of did to, but wanted to see the "horsey movie" as I have been referring to it as for over a month now). I also want to see the new movie with Katherine Heigel and Josh Dushmel, but "Secretariat" was my first choice. Hubs let me choose which I was grateful for. Of course, he loves pony races and the Kentucky Derby and such so, it wasn't a huge loss for him. We were the only people in the theatre which was kind of nice, since we went to the last showing on a Wed night.

I thought the movie was fabulous!!  I Love Diane Lane, and her wardrobe and hair was so coiff and flawless. Made me want to be a Southern Belle in the 60's, early 70's.  Again,  just another bump towards my dream of owning a ranch, although, horse keeping I'm sure can be expensive and daunting.  What a beautiful story and a beautiful horse though. To be honest, I don't like to think about horse racing and the effects if might have on horses. Like when a racing horse breaks his/her leg and then they put him/her down. They did that a couple years ago after a big race, and when I heard about it, I couldn't help but cry and grow a dislike for the whole operation. I feel like they push them too hard, but hubs assures me that those horse are the best taken care of horses, and they get so much attention and that they LOVE to run. So, I'll try and believe hubs, and think posititively about the whole process.

Kudos to Disney though, they never dissapoint.  John Malkovich was great, and a great casting all around.  And, I got to sleep late today bc the pumpkin stayed at my parents house last night, and my mom watches her every Thursday.  Hubs, and I stopped by to see her this morning before work.  If you have a chance, this is a great feel good movie, you won't be dissapointed-I love true stories as well, just makes it that much more incredible and touches the heart that much more.

Also, I have to give credit where it's due. Apparently, the 3 year Anniversary gift is Leather. Hubs offered to purchase a new Leather Bag for me but also gave me the option to pay off some bills instead that I am needing help with instead.  Since, I still have a functioning leather bag that my mother-in-law gifted me at Christmas 3 years ago, I was more than happy to accept the help with the bills. The closer we get to paying off bills, the closer we get to me getting home, and adding to our family, so that is the greatest gift of all!  (He did gift me a leather bound calendar/scheduler as well, so that I would have something leather for our three year).

Thanks for all the Anniversary wishes!