Monday, February 8, 2010

Secret Obsession.

Ok, I have to admit I have a secret obsession for American Idol.  Yes, it's true.  Don't laugh. Really, let me explain. 

Ok, so I have mentioned that the hubs and I don't have cable, so we get 5 channels, and on any one day, all or one, or none can come in (we have rabbit ears in the attic-He he!).  But, FOX is usually pretty clear, so we have to like what's on FOX if we want to zone out and watch some TV.  You kind of have to like what's on. 

Well, my obsession with American Idol is not a complete obsession.  I mean, it goes back and forth and up and down.  Some years I only watch the Beginning (by far, the best part!!)  Sometimes I only catch the end, where it's down to only a few contestants (which I like too!), sometimes I miss a complete season, and sometimes I am failthful and watch it from beginning to end. 

But always, and this is the reason for my obsession, always, I am moved by the stories that some of these contestants have,  Especially at the fore front, when they have auditions, I love the stories and the backrounds that they contestants and American Idol share with us. 

I LOVE how they surprise you and give this outstanding performance after the story build-up, I LOVE how they rush out into the hall and their whole family and friends are waiting, and how they jump up in the air and scream, shout, and yell!  You just get those tinglees all over and I just think it's incredible!  I LOVE how they slow the film (and seemingly slow time for that momwnt), and how for just that moment, you are enthralled in this person's life, their dream.  You get to experience their dreams, their passions, their desires, and witness pure, sheer happiness.  Whether they make it to the end or not, in that moment, they are truly happy and hold all the hope in the world, and that to me, is so beautiful. 

Hope.  Pure, undaunted, simple hope.  To witness that, is why I love American Idol.  So, I will be watching tomorrow, and can't wait.  Yes, they sucked me in, again.  Anyone else?