Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy 14th Lydia!!

Today is Josh's (and my) niece's 14th Birthday.  Didn't she just turn 13th??!!  Wow, that year flew by!!  We were just adjusting to her being 13 and (officially a teenager!), now she's 14 and nearly old enough to drive!!  Oh my goodness!!  Soon she'll be heading off to college.  I'll be soooo old by then, good Lord, slow down time, just a little...please!!!  I wonder if the year flew by as fast for her as it did for us.  My teen years seemed to last FOREVER.  Each day was like a year!!  She had a highschool welcome night to attend tonight, so her b-day party was at 7:30 pm. 

I'm so excited for her to take this next step into highschool.  She's going to be amazing!!  She's the most amazing kid you'll ever find, really, truly she is.  She is so beautiful, more and more each day.  Each time, I see her, it seems like she's gotten more beautiful, which just seems impossible.  She's growing up so fast, every time I see her, she seems like a different person, as she is growing into womanhood so perfectly.  She is brillant, and crazy talented!!  She's the most self-less teenager you'll ever find, funny, and a joy to be around, so spunky-cute, and just lights up a room, especially with a smile.  She just amazes me, I am so blessed to call her my niece.  She's like 14 going on 30!! 

I really hope that her experience is well, amazing, and filled with everything highschool should be.  Josh, Nik and I stopped by to see her in the afternoon, as Nik and I couldn't be there later that evening, bc I had to get Nik to bed.  I neglected to take a pic till right before she was rushing off, so in my haste I didn't get a good pic, but I have to post these, even though they're not stellar!! 

I would love to get Nik to smile for a pic (Ahh!!)

Happy 14th, Lyds!!  We love you!!

P.S. My sis-in-law makes THE BEST homemade Mac-n-Cheese EVER!!!   Yummy Yum Yum!!

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