Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunday April 12, 2009
Happy Easter!
My First Easter!

"Me and My Peeps" Easter Jammies!
My Bunny Easter Jammies from Nana!

Mom and me.

Me and "Uncle Dan."

Mom and Dad.

More pics from my first weeks...

Hi Mom.
Wzup, I'm new here. I'm just chillin in my suede rocker with my jungle print blankee, yo...You dig these pink hearts? Thanks Mimi. I told you, I know how to smile already...Maybe it's cause I love my pink poodle jammies and blanket!!! Thanks Auntie Tammie and Uncle Todd!
Wzup! I love my boppy!
My first weeks home...

Mimi, you're smushing me! But, I do love kisses!
Hi Papa, I love you!

My first Doctor Visit with Dr. Emm.

Look Ma, I gained 3 ounces ( I last weighed 8.3 in hospital).

My first trip to the doctor's office left me exhausted...I do love being snuggled in my crochet blanket from "Aunt Sue."