Monday, March 23, 2009

39 Weeks!!! And Couting...

Everyone is wagering as to when this little peanut is going to come and out and meet everyone. Early last week, I felt like I was going to pop, and my dear friend, Kim, was sure that I was going to go in the next few days, but so far this little one is still quite comfy in my belly, abdomen, pelvis, and ribs! I am thinking that maybe this little pumpkin may stay in my belly past his/her due date! I am 2 cm dialated and 70% effaced. I have been experiencing the braxton hicks contractions, but so far they are still unpredictable and not consistent. Similar to menstral cramps in feeling. I have my "40 Week" check-up tomorrow, so we'll see if there is any change.:) The Due Date is set for Saturday march 28. I will keep you informed w/any news from the Doctor tomorrow.

Love to all, Lindsay XOXO

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