Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Any day now...
the doctor says. Progress about the same since last week. 2 cm dialated and 80% effaced. Other good news, the doctor thinks that I will have a smooth delivery, which is really good news to hear. I am taking her at her word, and holding it to her! She did ask if I was going to try and deliver "naturally." Ha. I would love to say that I thought that I could handle that, but I am not to proud to say that I will gladly accept the help of an epiderual! I must say I am ready for this little peanut to come out and meet everyone. There are so many people ready to love him/her. I can't wait to welcome baby Garrett to this wonderful place!

My team threw me a surprise food day today. I came back from the doctor's office and there was a table set up w/paper ribbon, balloons, a baby table cloth and baby confetti(little baby bottles, umbrellas, and tiny little feet!!!) I was so surprised and so humbled by their generousity and kindness. The food was wonderfully yummy, and baby Garrett loved it too (he/she was doing a little dance inside my tummy!) :) The chocolate cake was too die for, very rich, and just perfect! Followed by an adorable card, kind words, well wishes, and a gift certificate to Babies R Us, that is going straight towards Baby Garrett's Swing!!! I can't wait for little Baby Garrett to go for a swing! He/She will love it!!

I have been feeling the contractions more and stronger lately. I hope that's a sign that he/she is coming soon. I have been trying to take a short walk every day. Although I can't get very far w/out feeling like I have to go potty, which is uncomfortable. And the cramps too. My good friend suggested jambalaya:). I have had that twice, without much luck. She also suggested Rasberry leaf tea, so I may try that next. :)

I will keep you updated w/any progress or news. Say a prayer for a safe delivery of Baby Garrett and for me too!!! I'll need it! And for Josh, bless his heart, for supporting me the whole pregnancy. And, I'm sure he'll need some props for after!

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