Friday, April 9, 2010


Our pumpkin has a cold and a cough AGAIN...

My daycare provider called me today because Nik is not taking her cold/cough very well and I think she was a little overwhelmed.  I just don't know what to do with her.  She is sick every other week with something that she caught at daycare.  What are they putting in the water over there?

My husband and I wanted her to attend an in-home daycare to try and limit her exposure to children and germs, but she's sick every other week (at least every two weeks) with something.  It's like every day I am just praying that she won't come down with something.

My heart just goes out to her, and it just tears me apart that we have to send her there everyday and expose her to that.  Everyone says how great it is because she will haev such a strong immune system, but all I can see is that she is always miserable and it is so difficult on myself to juggle her, the house, and my job.

I just pray that summer comes soon and brings some relief from these germs.  Ugh!

I have to work tomorrow and today was pay day, but my paycheck was gone to bills before lunch time, if that speaks for anything...Double Ugh! 

But, I am hoping that all of you have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

Hopefully, I will get to uploading a couple pics from Easter soon!  XOXO


  1. Poor Nic! Blake was sick from is terrible!! Praying for summertime and health!!

  2. Oh no! Hope she feels better soon!