Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Pics.

This year for Easter. We were able to spend the holiday with both families. We went to Church and Brunch with my parents (my brother, sister-in-law and nieces are hanging low bc of the new little pumpkin and my other brother joined his friend's family).  Then we drove to Chicago for the afternoon to be with Josh's family + extended family.

I didn't hide any eggs for the pumpkin this year bc she doesn't quite get the "hunting" part of it.  She simply likes to play with the eggs and put them in her mouth.  I can't wait till she's old enough for a hunt.  I LOVED easter egg hunts as a child.  My mom gave the best clues!
We did fill her baskets with a couple goodies (I ate her Reeses Egg, yummmy!), some books, and she received a new bunny as well.  Since Nik's birthday party left me crazy busy, we didn't really get the chance to give the pumpkin one of her on Easter Nik woke to find a big, soft, Pink Puppy in her favorite chair.  She immediately ran to him and tackled him with smooshie hugs and kisses and "woofed" at him.  He's a big success!

Nik LOVES!! "Pat the Bunny."  I thought the retailer was crazy bc the book runs about $9, but it is hands down one of Nik's favorites.  She loves book that play music, have texture, or activites (who wouldn't?)  She pulls the flap to play "peek a boo," smells the page with the scented flowers, feels "daddy's face," plays with "bunny's book," puts her fingers through "mommy's ring" and waves "Bye-Bye" to Paul and Judy.  She picked up the actions immediately!  I am so happy we got it for her, I now know why it's a classic!

Her name is Penelope, isn't she so snuggly!
Daddy being silly!
Nik being silly!
Papa Love u!
The one of two pictures I got of her before she ripped them off her head!  This girl does not like any object on her head for too long!
Me, Daddy, and Nik
Mimi, Pap, Nik, and I
My Carrot Cake. Yummy!

Hope you all had a Wonderful Easter!