Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!! Top Two Favorite Magazines!

Top Two Tuesday is hosted by Taylor at The Undomestic Mama.  You can see Taylor's Top Two picks of the Week and many other Mams's here:http://benandtay.blogspot.com/

Top Two Magazines
If you read my sideline, you would already know the answer to this question...It used to be Cosmo and Victoria's Secret, but as a new Mama, my top two favorite magazine pics are (and yes, I get a little leap in my heart and my breath quickens when I go to get the mail and discover that one of them has come in the mail that day...)  Ahhh...I LOVE baby magazines.  They make me feel like such an informed, Hip Mama.

1. American Baby


2. Parents Magazine

Thanks, Taylor!
In other news, Baseball Season is underway, and I can't wait for my Cubbie Bears!!  Yeah!!  My WIN flag will be a flying this year! 

Go Cubbies!!


  1. ha...I'm the same way...my subscriptions switched from Cosmo to Parents! That's ok...I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

  2. We are Cubs fans too, we have our Win flag hanging in our garage permanently and take it with us when we go to games in hopes of flying it to Go Cubs Go!!

  3. I love your magazine picks! Your blog is too cute, I love it!

  4. great picks! Im going to have to start loading up on the parenting/Baby mags soon :)

  5. Im stopping by again! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I have to tell you that I still have my Britney Glamour!!

  6. i haven't had an american baby in forever!!
    as for parents...hubs says it's too liberal so i hide it! ha ha
    we're a non vax'n house here and they push vax a lot in their issues...well at least in the ones he finds! :o)

  7. Oh, I remember obsessively reading Parents after my first child was born! It was like my Baby Bible! :)

  8. Go Cubs! Sad way to start the season...but still, this is the year!

  9. American Baby is a great magazine plus it's free! Isn't it funny how our favorite magazines have changed over the years...never would have thought parenting mags would be among my favs. Happy Tuesday!

  10. Haven't had to get into reading the baby mags yet, but look forward to one day! =)