Friday, December 11, 2009

Post coming soon...

I promise I have a post coming soon. I have been searching to find some time for myself to get a post complete. I promise there will be one there for tomorrow's Saturday Sharefest, if not tonight. It has been a crazy week. I am exhausted from work, and Nik has been fighting me going down asleep in her crib alone and the Cry It Out Method just seems like Cruel and Unusual Punishment. I hate to see her carry on that way, crying for nearly 2 hours till she's so physically and emotionally exhausted that she just finally succumbs to slumber as it overcomes poor little distressed body. There has got to be a better way... Sleepless nights at the Garrett Household. But, every other moment besides bedtime, she is literally the happiest baby ever and such an angel. She simply does not want to go to bed alone. Personally, I don't blame her

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