Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This post could have had many names. Black Cat for one. Happy Halloween. Whenever God closes a window, He opens a door. New Life.
Oreo. Marshmellow (ha!). York Peppermint Pattie. Adorable. I could keep going...But, I chose Midnight as that is what time it is, as I write this (ignore the time below the post, it's wrong, I just haven't gotten around to changing it). I was on the computer, when Josh came through the door, and shortly after followed this little one, and our friend Brad (Marsh). She was a ray of sunshine and relief to me, after what I went through last week. And I think Josh probably knew that and asked Brad to bring her by. She's a little sweetie. So tiny. So cute. Exploring, crawling, curious, fragile, delicate, wavering, uncertain, and terrified. She crawled all over us, and she purred on me when I scratched her back and rubbed her chin and neck. She's a lover all right. Our friend Brad is probably going to adopt her, so maybe we'll get to see more of her!

She had a sudden fondness for Josh, which was funny bc he really is not a big fan of cats!

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