Monday, September 14, 2009



It's the little pumpkin's 1st Halloween!!! I am beside myself with Excitement! I adore Halloween and LOVE Fall! Nikolina does not even know how excited I am for her!!! We had a little fun day this weekend looking at Halloween items, and we had to get the pumpkin a few Halloween items as it is her very 1st, her only 1st Halloween. Her Nana got her a onesie that reads, "My First Halloween," and her Mimi got her a little Witch that lights up and makes a spooky sound (but she cried every time we turned it on, so we had to take that back) so Mimi has agreed to get her something else instead. Mimi got the family a Halloween light that's orange with a black cat, and we can't wait to put it up. I've been wanting to put up Halloween decs for a couple weeks now. I figured I'd better wait till after Labor Day (Ha!). I planned to do it last weekend, and we never got around to it. Taking care of Diez, Nik, and things around the house, you wonder where all your time goes. I didn't have time to post!!! So, we are going to put up decs by this weekend for sure. And we told Daddy to mark his calendar, bc we are making our annual (and Nik's 1st) trip to the Apple Barn, and we CAN'T WAIT!!! What a photo op that will be with the giant pumperkins! We never want to get them too soon, Daddy says, bc they don't last (just like Christmas Trees) but Mommy can never wait!!!

Nik is ready for Halloween though. We tried on an outfit that we got for a steal at a store in town, they only had 12 months, so it's a little big right now, but I couldn't pass it up!!! The little pumpkin is a pumpkin. Ha! I told Josh, there are probably a million costumes that we could find that would be adorable, but I think, as we discussed, the pumpkin just has to be a pumpkin. So, I have been putting it off, but now, I am on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin costume!

I swear, she looks like she's about 2 years old here from the photo!


AHEM! Are you looking at me?!
No, I am not afraid of little scary ghostessays!
I eat ghostey poos for breakfast!

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