Friday, September 25, 2009


Blogging. Doing my homework for SITS. Came across wishing we could snag some of these adorable outfits for the pumpkin! And those bows! Those Southern Ladies. At my house, I put them on Nik, and the hubby takes them off! I could only wish for bows so big!! Adorable!

One of my favorite sites: (I always meant to post about it, but I fet like I could never begin to know how too) It is not my story. It is theirs. I was just blessed enough to be able to touched and moved by it. Found it shortly after the pumpkin was born, while I was BLISSFULLY at HOME. The pumpkin was down for a nap (these were the 4 Hour Nap days), and I discovered their journey, and began reading and couldn't stop. I was sitting there balling my eyes out. If anyone had come in they would think I was having a breakdown or something. I immediately sent the link to Josh (my hubby). When he got home I asked him if he had received it, and he had, but hadn't looked into it. I pulled it up and read to him several blogs and explained the whole story to him. And, I am crying as I am reading it to him. And we are just astonished at this beautiful family and their journey. And their unwavering faith in the Lord. Simply amazing. A few of my fav blogs: the day Audrey was born (April 7, 2008), after her passing (same), Angie's letter to Audrey(April 11, 2008), when Angie and Todd first discovered the challenges they would be given with Audrey(January 12, 2008-introduction blog), the story about Audrey's bunny with the mark on her heart (same), and Audrey's Cherry Blossom Tree blog (Tuesday April 7, 2009-oh my god, I was near hyperventalation). Come on, how much can one person's heart endure? In the Introduction blog, I am still haunted by the words Angie speaks after hearing of Caroline's fate, "I think that my Jesus is the same as He was before I walked into this room." And again, "He's no different, it's okay, He's no different..."

On Kelly's website, she featured the song Angie and Todd wrote for (and sing?) for Caroline You have to scroll down a little to find it. I had never heard this, and I there I was crying again. To hear their story, see their story, every time, I am brought back to the same place. Each time, it affects me as if it were the first. I can't help but think of my little pumpkin and my abundant love for her. It makes the heart HEAVY to hear their story and listen to them (there is also a interview with them explaining their journey). It is a beautiful story. Uplifting, life altering, miraculous, and yet so heavy, so very, very heavy. How amazing they are, and that God chose them to tell this story. I had to share.

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