Thursday, September 17, 2009

"What's Up Doc?!"

I think you remember the "Squash Feet."
A couple days later, we tried carrots, and while the carrots did not elicit quite the same negative reaction and repulsion, they were still not met with quite the same enthusiasm as cereal (which is to be expected). She ate a little, but just sort of swished it around on her tongue, in her mouth, and then drizzled it back out. So, I caved and went back to cereal for a few days. We tried carrots again this weekend, and they were met with more GUSTO this time. We actually make some progress as far as working our way through the package, and the next day as well.
A little bit messy though...

She still wants to feed herself, which I find encouraging, yet, with messy carrots, it makes me a little antsy. I think I am going to start covering her and the high chair in a big plastic drop cloth!!

This is a slightly "jokerish" grin--
I think we will try sweet potatoes again, after some more carrots. We weren't crazy about those either (they came after the Squash).

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