Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 6 Months, My Little Pumpkin!!!

Happy 6th!

I'm half way to 1! I sit up so well by myself!
Loving peek-a-boo!

Loving my feet, and becoming quite flexible too!

Today, the little pumpkin is 6 Months. She has a check-up Friday, and hopefully, rain pending, a
mini photo shoot on Thursday with Auntie Rachael, and a play date with my cousins!

"They say it's your half-birthday...!"

So happy to be 6 Months old today!

Happy to have some straw to eat. "Nikolina don't put that in your mouth, Yucky!"

You can't barely see him here in the photo but we have a scarecrow on the porch. I've named him "Jeff" for the time being, till I think of something better. I'll have to take some photos of the whole porch, so you can see our "Spooky" porch. The last couple days, it's been crazy windy and stormy, so I had to bring the Halloween decs back inside. The other night, I brought Jeff in before I went to bed. In the morning, I was walking into the kitchen with Nikolina and as we walked by him, she started staring at him, and could not take her eyes off of him, as we walked past! I turned around and walked towards him so she could see him. It was hilarious, she thought he was a person! She couldn't figure out why he wasn't talking to her! When I finally moved his hand and talked to her as though he was a real person, she finally backed off, and seemed to accept that he was "okay" in her eyes now. It was fantastic! I must admit, I kind of forgot he was inside as well, and in the morning, when I went to the kitchen, I about jumped out of my socks, thinking he was a real person!

We had to spray the pumpkins and the Gourds this year, so I can't let Nikolina touch them. It makes me sad, but its better than buying brand new pumpkins and gourds. We used this spray that tastes really bitter/foul tasting, Josh tested it on diesel and he wouldn't get near them. Every year we have these crazy fat squirrels that eat all our Halloween decs! Each day I would come home from work, and they would've run off with another gourd or a part of our pumpkins. It's crazy! I can't house squirrels! It's like squirrel central at our house. We have one of those trees with the seeds that spiral off like little boomerangs, and they go crazy for them. Our next door neighbor has some kind of nut tree, so these squirrels are always running to our neighbors house, stealing nuts, then running back across our yard. They chase each other across the roof in the mornings, and make little chirpy noises in the trees at each other, and at diez.

Last year, Josh had stopped at a Market on the way home from a business trip and bought a box full of peaches. He set them on the porch railing to finish ripening, and each day he'd check them to see if they were ripe. He kept saying to me, "Those are good peaches, Huh?" and I kept just nodding and saying "Umm Hmm, " thinking 'Wow, he's really proud of those peaches.' Then about a week goes by and there is only a couple peaches left in the box, and he says, "You really went to town on those Peaches, Huh?" And, I said, "What are you talking about, I haven't had any." And, he said, "Well if you didn't have any, and I only had a couple, what happened to all of them?" The next day, we were leaving and as we opened the door, well, we must have startled him, b/c a squirrel jumped, I should say, flew, off the porch, and took off running/bounding away, and in his mouth...was a half-eaten peach! We pretty much figured it out after that. We took turns on squirrel patrol.
On another note about "Jeff." I brought him in last night again, and I was blogging, and it was pretty late at night, and the baby was asleep in her room with her sound lamb, and I was listening to it on the monitor, and Josh was asleep in our bedroom. All of a sudden I hear a noise, and I thought what is that? Josh has some weird ring tones/noises on his Blackberry, and he is always changing them, and my on my Q just re-programmed itself, so I thought, is that my phone or Josh's phone? Then I thought, is that Nik's sound machine? Then, I realized that it must just be a very noisy cricket outside. I listened again and realized that the noise was not coming from outside, but inside the house! There was a cricket hiding somewhere in Jeff!!! I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to go move it, and have the thing fly at me. So, I tried sneaking over there to see if I could see it, but I couldn't. So, I'm a big baby, and just left it there. So, all night, we had a cricket chirping in our house!
Dinner. I had some chicken that I had to use, so I used Josh's pizza recipe and made a pizza for dinner.

The finished product.

Nik loving her carrots and her Daddy!

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Those pictures of your daughter are adorable! What a cutie she is!!!