Friday, October 2, 2009

FALLing In Love...

I have fallen in love, with, well, FALL. I already told you that Fall is my absolute favorite Season. Christmas is my absolute favorite Day of the Year, but, oh, how I love Fall. Yesterday and today, I was at Home with the pumpkin and maybe that is why I have felt like I was on cloud 9 the past two days! But, the past two days I have just been overwhelming in love with Fall, and loving every minute. I put up a few decorations in the house yesterday, which helped to enlighten my mood, and the rain falling steadily yesterday as I sat with the pumpkin, nursing, looking out the picture window in our living room, just filled my heart with joy! I lit some Fall scent candles and the whole house smells like a mix of cinnamon, apple, and just simply, a grand mix of the smells of Fall bundled in a jar! I get a little giddy with I smell them! How do they do that?!

There was a moment today, taking Nik to her 6 month check-up that my heart just did a little dance. The cool, brisk air just swept over me, and the sweet smell of Autumn in the air just overwhelmed me. Everytime I walk in a room, with the candles, and the small Fall rememberances, or walk onto our Halloween inspired porch, I just feel as though my heart is skipping in my chest with the excitement of the Season (I get this way at Christmas, too-I'm like a 7 year old, it's crazy! I literally do not sleep the whole Christmas Season!!! Ask my husband, I just can't sleep! I'm too excited, putting up decs, wrapping presents, thinking of gifts for family, anticipating giving the gifts, watching Christams movies, listening to Christmas songs. I'm a Nutball! But I love every minute of it!)

The pumpkin was so brave today for her 6 month shots and her Flu shot. She got 4 shots, and the oral Polio vacine. She just cried for a moment and then she was perfectly fine. She took three naps afterwards, and I did give her a little Childrens Tylenol because I could tell the Flu shot was aching (the nurse warned me it might!). And she nursed in between naps:) She weighed 19 pounds, 8 ounces, so she's in the 90% for weight, and at 27 inches, she's in the 97% percentile for height. Still eating good apparently! Ans she is so happy lately, my little chunky monkey, I just am loving her so much. The doctor said in a month, Nik can start eating the Gerber finger food puffs, and I cant wait! She will love them! The doctor said she looks great, very healthy, and she is moving along developmentally perfectly. He said, her curiousity is good (as she tried to grab everything in the doctor's office!). Yes, we agree, her exploring every tiny thing is amazing, but I have the feeling we will never be able to so much as glance away for a second with her, she's always into something, and she can't even crawl, stand-up, or walk! Dr.Emm says to invest in some cabinent locks now! Ha!

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